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Immediate Multiplex describes itself as an advocate for affordable and accessible investment education. Not portraying itself as a crypto trading platform, Immediate Multiplex asserts that it connects learners with investment education companies.

But how unique are the offerings of this financial education platform? This Immediate Multiplex review dives into the site’s claims to find out.

Immediate Multiplex Platform Overview

Type of Platform Web-based investment education platform
Minimum Deposit Not mentioned
Claimed Success Rate Not mentioned
Supported Cryptocurrencies Focuses on investment education related to multiple types of assets
Mobile App No Immediate Multiplex application
Withdrawal or Deposit Fees No mention of withdrawal or deposit fee
Customer Service 24/7 – After Registration

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Multiplex?

Learning about investing has become a favored pastime among those wishing to generate passive through trading. However, the financial industry is full of uncertainties. Going in without adequate knowledge can result in life-changing losses.

Immediate Multiplex Review

Therefore, multiple investment education platforms have emerged to fill the gap. The issue is that most of them are expensive and have a narrow view of investment-related topics. Immediate Multiplex claims to address it by acting as an intermediary.

According to the website, Immediate Multiplex’s primary concern is to connect learners with investment education companies. Consequently, investors reportedly get a wider perspective on finance.

In addition, Immediate Multiplex maintains that it has a fee-free structure. Investors can come to the website and start learning about investment strategies, markets, and more without any cost, per the claims.

However, that may not fully be the case since the investment education companies that reportedly have partnered with Immediate Multiplex may have their own fee structure. A lengthy conversation with the customer support team might be necessary in this regard.

The sign-up procedure is also simple on the website. Users need only enter their names, phone numbers, and emails.

While the features this platform claims to provide are enticing, details of whether they are legitimate are not available online.

By its own admission, Immediate Multiplex is a generic name. We found it to be true since there are trading robots in the market of the same name. Learners are advised to be careful when investing.

Who Created Immediate Multiplex?

According to the “About Us” page, a team of “visionaries wanting to deliver high-quality investment education” was behind the creation of this platform. However, the site does not go further into their identities.

We also tried looking for these individuals on social media sites but came up empty. It looks like anonymity is the path these devs have chosen. As bothersome as it can be, in Immediate Multiplex’s case, it does not matter much. The site only claims to provide investment education, not investment opportunities.

How Does Immediate Multiplex Work?

When we searched for Immediate Multiplex online, we came across many websites bearing the same name. Some of them portray themselves as Bitcoin robots, while others offer manual trading services.

However, the site we got access to portrays itself as an investment education system. Per the website’s claims, users can create an account and connect with an investment education company.

The quality of the education that an investment company provides is not known. However, the platform does say that there are webinars, seminars, risk management tools, and other topics covered.

A limited number of third-party reviews that happen to have access to the same site, like us, also say the platform partners investors with suitable investment companies.

For instance, beginners are partnered with high-tier education companies that also cover the basics. Veteran traders may get access to discord groups and more to refine their trading strategies.

Note that most of what we are saying are guesses based on the content on the website. The true methodology might be different. We recommend trying out the website yourself before using it.

Immediate Multiplex Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons we found upon assessing the Immediate Multiplex website’s content:


  • The platform has a simple sign-up module with no KYC requirements
  • The site claims to partner users with suitable investment education companies based on expertise levels
  • Reportedly, there are webinars, seminars, and complete video tutorials in addition to investment learning communities available
  • The learning interface is kept simple for maximum impact


  • The platform does not offer any trading services
  • The website states that the name is generic, with many copycats online
  • It does not provide any details in regards to the team that developed it
  • Offers no comprehensive detail in regards to its fee

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Devices Can be Used to Access Immediate Multiplex?

Immediate Multiplex is not a software that one has to download. The website portrays itself as a web app that only requires that users go online and start using it. We opened the website on several devices, and here are our findings.

  1. On the desktop, we found that the platform was running well. There was no issue with icons, and it was easy to navigate between different topics.
  2. Tablets gave us the same experience. The added advantage of swapping made scrolling through the website functionally appealing.
  3. Smartphones show that the platform is responsive. We did not come across any issues when it comes to the font size.

Immediate Multiplex Supported Countries

Immediate Multiplex is available in most countries, as evidenced by the test we ran using ExpressVPN. However, during our session, we also noted that support for the US is not available. The page clearly states that US-based users won’t be able to access the website.

However, that might not be an issue since using a Virtual Private Network isn’t banned on Immediate Multiplex.

Immediate Multiplex – Top Features

Immediate Multiplex Features

Listed below are some of the key features that Immediate Multiplex reportedly has. Per the website, these features can help investors boost their trading knowledge:

Simplified Registration Process

Immediate Multiplex notes that the presence of a simple registration process is the reason it stands out. Users need only enter limited details, and they will be partnered with an investment education company. This process ensures that learning can start quickly.

Cost Effective Learning

Per the website, one of its goals is to ensure that everyone has access to investment knowledge. Therefore, it is said to have implemented a fee-free module, which allows everyone to learn about investments and other finance-related topics.

Support for Multiple Languages

Immediate Multiplex claims that since it caters to a global audience, it incorporates a multilingual feature so that investors can gain access to the platform in multiple languages. This approach ensures that investors don’t face any latency when learning about investments.

Support for Multiple Ways of Learning 

Users will get access to a wide range of digital tools to learn about investments online, per the site’s claims. The website talks about articles, audio files, podcasts, and even video tutorials.

Access to Educational Workshops

Immediate Multiplex claims that the investment education companies it has partnered with give investors access to a range of learning tools. However, these tools aren’t limited to the digital domain. Lessons are also delivered through seminars, webinars, and other live Q&A sessions.

Simple and Interactive Platform

According to Immediate Multiplex, learners won’t face any complications when using the website. The platform is interactive, per the claims, which allows investors to gain access to all they want to learn with just a click.

Is Immediate Multiplex Legit or a Scam?

One of the standout features that people will note once they enter the platform is the focus on crypto learning. Not once did the platform mention anything even remotely related to trading.

Immediate Multiplex claims to be a platform for investment education and tries to prove that by giving basic knowledge about investment, trading, types of investments, and investment risks.

We found that the content of the website is so nuanced that even topics like the difference between investments and trading are discussed.

Coupled with the simple sign-up process and lack of ludicrous claims, Immediate Multiplex reportedly has everything it needs to call itself a legitimate platform.

However, when it comes to in-depth information, the platform paints a muddy picture. For one, it is not transparent about who made the platform. All it does is give vague information on the About Us page.

Also, while the site claims to provide robust learning features, there are only a couple of third-party reviews online that have talked about them. Most of the online reviews from other platforms only talk about the presence of auto-trading tools.

Customer testimonials are also absent from the website and from other platforms online. This gives us a fuzzy image of what Immediate Multiplex actually does.

If it is a learning-focused platform, it is all good. However, if it does have any trading features, the information available online is not enough to mark it as legitimate.

Therefore, it is better that investors go to the official website to create an account themselves to test the site’s features.

What is the Minimum Deposit Required on Immediate Multiplex?

Immediate Multiplex doesn’t portray itself as a trading platform. As a result, it doesn’t require any seed capital from users to provide them trading services. It shows that it should not require any minimum deposit. However, since the website is marketing Immediate Multiplex as a mere intermediary, it is important that users get the complete picture of the minimum deposit requirement before getting started.

Immediate Multiplex Customer Support

According to the website, there is 24/7 customer support available online in multiple languages. However, this service is reportedly provided by the investment education companies connected to Immediate Multiplex and not by the platform itself.

How to Start Trading on Immediate Multiplex?

If you want to explore the learning libraries that Immediate Multiplex claims to have, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Create an Account

First, go to the official Immediate Multiplex website and start entering your key details. Provide your personal information, such as name, email, and phone number, to get started.

Create an Account on Immediate Multiplex

Step 2 – Verify your Account 

Once you start the process, an account manager may reach out to you. You’ll likely be asked questions about your investment-related expertise. The manager may then use that info to connect you with the right investment management company.

Step 3 – Start Learning on Immediate Multiplex

Once you’re contacted by the company, you may have to pay a subscription fee. Ask support any questions about fee-related details beforehand since the site’s content does not give us a lot of information.

How to Delete an Immediate Multiplex Account?

Immediate Multiplex does not talk about how one can delete their accounts. We guess there is a setting inside the dashboard that can help with that information. Or, you can directly talk to the customer support team for answers.

The Verdict

Investment-related education is what Immediate Multiplex promises to deliver, and it tries to provide ample basic education content to prove it. Per the claims, high-level educational experts have partnered with it to offer tailor-made lessons to users.

However, the website is very light on information. No one knows who made this platform. And the name of the platform seems to be very generic. Exercise caution before using this website to invest.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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