Immediate Zenx Review – Legit Crypto Trading Platform?

Many platforms promise to offer highly efficient systems to help investors elevate their trading expertise. Immediate Zenx is no different, claiming to provide a customized trading facility catering to different types of investors.

Are any of these assertions made by this crypto trading platform true? Explore the answer to this question in this comprehensive review.

Immediate Zenx – Summary 

Type of Platform Crypto trading platform
Supported Crypto Bitcoin and other cryptos
Withdrawal Fee No fee mentioned
See Details No information available
Mobile App No mobile application
Registration fee No registration fee is mentioned
Customer Service Only the Contact Us page is available

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Zenx?

Just a few days ago, Bitcoin once again crossed the $70k mark, only to drop again when major players across the crypto market started to engage in surprising activities, like moving billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin.

This suggests that the crypto market’s volatile days are far from over. When market conditions are unstable, customized strategies must be created using trusted tools.

Immediate Zenx claims to do the same through its simplified interface and many investment opportunities.

What is Immediate Zenx

It says it is a cutting-edge platform that combines AI-driven capabilities with human-based assistance to help investors gain valuable insights from the market and create customized trading strategies.

Although the website states that these strategies can be implemented manually, some third-party reviews have stated that it employs trading robots to do so.

Besides unconventional trading features, the platform is also said to host many educational resources. According to the platform, these resources are vast and cover everything from basic to advanced trading concepts.

These tools are reportedly used to specifically buy and sell Bitcoin trading pairs. Furthermore, the site claims to possess an intuitive interface, helping investors navigate the market easily.

Security is also the platform’s key advertised feature, and 2FA has been added to the registration process for added protection.

All of these features are said to be delivered “without any charges.” It is a marketing statement, considering that the table on the website’s homepage shows many different payment options.

Therefore, investors are advised to take every step carefully. Invest only a minimum amount and only increase the deposits if the platform yields favorable results.

Who Created Immediate Zenx?

Immediate Zenx has only given vague answers about the developer. The only information we could find about the team is that one member was behind its creation.

Who Created Immediate Zenx

Apparently, inquisitive about the true nature of blockchain, one trader teamed up with a confidant to create Immediate Zenx. This vague non-answer is the only statement about the founder available on the official website.

While not making a founder name is common within the Bitcoin community, Immediate Zenx also deals with fiat currencies. Therefore, the lack of founder details is a red flag.

How Does Immediate Zenx Work?

Even though largely vague, Immediate Zenx has highlighted how it works.

It begins with the sign-up process. Since it is a crypto trading platform, you must deposit a mandatory amount. While the platform hasn’t highlighted the minimum deposit in the website’s main content, we found in the FAQ section that investors may deposit anywhere between $5 to $250 to begin.

The registration process will start the questioning phase. According to the website, those who register must clarify their risk tolerance, loss tolerance, and risk-taking frequency.

Immediate Zenx says that the info provided will become the bedrock of an investor’s trading strategy.

After determining your risk tolerance, you must choose your trading style. At this stage, Immediate Zenx says the founder will contact you and apprise you of the pertinent opportunities. There are many trading styles. However, the website has only highlighted one: scalping.

Scalping involves engaging in hundreds of trades in an hour. It is rapid and risky but very rewarding. However, it is not for beginners.

Immediate Zenx doesn’t highlight other trading styles.

After selecting the trading style, select the trading pair, and you’ll be ready to formulate a strategy.

Even though this approach is admirable, there is no proof that this is exactly what Immediate Zenx offers. Therefore, do a thorough research before moving forward.

Immediate Zenx – Pros and Cons

Below are the pros and cons we came across while analyzing the website’s content:

Pros pros

  • The platform reportedly offers a strategic trading facility
  • Offers comprehensive tools to formulate trading strategies
  • Assists users via an account manager
  • There are some AI-driven trading facilities, per the claims
  • Supports multiple Bitcoin trading pairs
  • Offers a wide range of educational resources

Cons cons

  • Does not disclose any details about the founders
  • Does not reveal its fee structure
  • Most third-party reviews are overly bullish about this website
  • Not available in the US

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Devices Can be Used to Access Immediate Zenx?

Immediate Zenx describes itself as a “web-based proprietary platform.” this means that it is a web application, which, in turn, means that it is accessible on all devices. So, in theory, the platform must work properly on mobile and other devices.

We tested this theory by running the website on multiple devices we had on hand. We found that the website works well on all fronts. The layout was clear on a mobile, and the buttons were interactable. Regardless of the screen size, we had an easy time using it.

Immediate Zenx – Supported Countries

Immediate Zenx has clearly stated that it is available worldwide except for the US. This restriction is likely due to the overly complex regulatory framework regarding crypto and blockchain technology as a whole.

However, the site does not say anything about not using VPN. So, US-based investors can use a Virtual Private Network to access the website.

Immediate Zenx – Top Features

While the website hasn’t highlighted any key features, here are some we could decipher from the content available.

Risk Assessment Tools

Per the platform, one of the main steps to begin trading is determining risk tolerance, loss tolerance, and other key aspects. This indicates the availability of risk assessment tools involving investors entering key information and getting their “risk ranking” as an output.

While this facility should be present, the website hasn’t exactly highlighted its presence.

Secure Sign-Up Process

Immediate Zenx claims to have made the sign-up process simple, but not without key security systems in place. It states on the website that it has incorporated the 2FA authorization process.

However, it is not clear whether the website has other security-related features.

Multiple Trading Modes

Immediate Zenx claims that users can determine their trading style before starting. This means that there are multiple trading modes available. While the platform hasn’t highlighted many features under this category, it has pointed out that scalping is one of the trading styles.

Scalping suits veteran traders who aren’t afraid to take a risk. The platform has not highlighted anything for novice traders.

Many Educational Resources

Immediate Zenx also states that it offers many educational resources to users. While it doesn’t highlight the names of those resources, we guess it may have some social trading features and a collection of blogs and videos for traders.

Furthermore, training is one of the key steps to use this website, which further adds points to our educational resources theory.

Dedicated Account Manager

The platform claims that users will have access to a dedicated account manager who will handle all their trading needs and reportedly work alongside traders to design investment strategies.

However, the website doesn’t clarify how much involvement an account manager will have during the strategy creation process. This might as well mean the manager giving links to video tutorials so investors can learn the ropes independently.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Is Immediate Zenx a Scam?

Many have asked online whether the Immediate Zenx app is a scam. To get an answer, we have to analyze its offerings and find out which is true.

The problem is that the platform is obviously new and has not provided much insight into its services. Once people visit it, all they will find are terminologies cloaking the lack of details on the platform.

For instance, although the platform states that it helps investors devise investment strategies, it hasn’t clarified them.

Also, there is no way to test the tools available on the website. Another area where we found information lacking is trading style selection. When the platform discusses it, it feels like it will drop a list of trading styles for users to pick from.

However, inside the “Determine your Trading Style” section, the platform has only discussed scalping.

Another area where we found the site lacking information is the founder details, fee structure, and deposit requirements.

The content available on the platform doesn’t give us any clarity about its services, it only adds to the confusion further.

Therefore, we can’t be certain about the site’s legitimacy. We recommend that our readers exercise caution at all times.

What is the Minimum Deposit Required on Immediate Zenx?

Immediate Zenx hasn’t provided any information about its minimum deposit requirement. Its FAQ section stated that while many platforms accept as little as $5, optimal results need a minimum deposit of $250. Does that mean Immediate Zenx also has the same minimum deposit requirement? It is not clear.

Immediate Zenx Customer Support

Immediate Zenx hasn’t mentioned anything about a customer support team. The only instance of support we could find was on the “Contact Us page.” While an account manager is available, it is unclear whether they will act as a customer support representative and help investors deal with critical issues related to the platform itself.

How to Get Started With Immediate Zenx?

For those who like Immediate Zenx’s Bitcoin investment services, follow the steps given below:

Step 1 – Register on the Website

The first step is to register on the platform, which can be done by visiting the official Immediate Zenx website and filling out the registration form.

Register on Immediate Zenx

You may receive a call once you have submitted the form. At that point, get answers to any questions you may have.

Step 2 – Make the Required Deposit

After contacting the customer support team, i.e. the account manager, ask about the minimum deposit required. Make the deposit using one of the listed payment options.

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Card
  3. Wire Transfer

Step 3 – Start Developing Strategies

After making the initial deposit, dive into the selection of strategic tools available. Check the tutorials to learn about the platform’s functionalities and start trading.

How to Delete an Immediate Zenx Account?

The Immediate Zenx website does not offer information about how to remove an account. However, users might be able to accomplish this by looking for the delete account option on the dashboard.

The other option is to talk to the customer support team and have the account removed. If the structure calls for it, account removal may incur fees.

The third method is returning from the account after withdrawing the entire amount. Account dormancy generally leads to account deletion.

The Verdict – Is Immediate Zenx Legit?

Immediate Zenx portrays itself as an unconventional trading platform. It doesn’t talk about AI-driven facilities or hands-free investment. All it markets is a strategy-focused trading system that assists users with an account manager’s aid.

However, the official website has more than a few blind spots, including the founders’ names, fee-related details, and other crucial information. These instances don’t clarify whether it is a legit crypto trading platform or a phishing site designed to extract information without one’s consent.

Therefore, we advise investors to take precautions, invest conservatively, and always remember that profits are never guaranteed when trading crypto.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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