Shiba Memu Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

Shiba Memu is a new presale crypto that uses AI to supercharge its marketing efforts. Investors have widely embraced the presale, having almost raised $2 million. However, will it succeed once it goes live on exchanges?

This Shiba Memu price prediction analyses the project, providing you with our short and long-term price forecasts.

Shiba Memu Price Prediction Summary

  • Shiba Memu’s presale launched in Q2 2023.
  • 85% of SHMU tokens are available in the presale.
  • Its current presale price is $0.020350.
  • Based on our Shiba Memu price prediction, the project could reach $0.038 by the end of 2024.
  • Our 2025 Shiba Memu price prediction estimates a price of $0.042.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.028 $0.033 $0.038
2025 $0.034 $0.042 $0.05
2030 $0.02 $0.024 $0.028

Shiba Memu Price History

Shiba Memu is a presale meme coin that harnesses AI for marketing, content and analytical purposes. It aims to be self-sustaining and increase its return on investment (ROI) by relying on AI rather than people.

Shiba Memu

The project will grant users access to interact with its AI software, enabling them to track its progress, ask questions, make suggestions and leave feedback.

After launching in Q3 2023, the presale has raised over $1.9 million. It has received coverage from numerous top media outlets, likely adding to its presale success.

The current SHMU presale price is $0.020350.

There are two billion Shiba Memu tokens in total, and half will be removed from circulation and used to provide cross-chain liquidity between the BNB and Ethereum chains. This is so the project can take a multichain approach, enabling users to hold SHMU on either chain.

Of the remaining one billion tokens, 85% will be available at presale, 10% are allocated to CEX and DEX listings and rewards, and 5% to further development.

Shiba Memu price history key points:

  • Shiba Memu is a new presale crypto leveraging AI for marketing.
  • The project allows users to make suggestions and ask questions to AI about its marketing strategies.
  • There are two billion tokens in total, and half are reserved for cross-chain liquidity.
  • The current LHMU presale price is $0.020350.

Shiba Memu Price Prediction 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, the Shiba Memu roadmap shows that the AI marketing dashboard will launch.

Shiba Memu

This could significantly impact the $SHMU price as it could attract many more investors if it succeeds, but investors may lose confidence if it does not perform as expected.

One of the issues with relying on AI as a business model is that it is still a novel technology. This means many failures will occur before people learn how to harness it efficiently. For example, a recent study at Standford University found ChatGPT is getting worse over time, providing lower quality answers in June than in March.

While the reasoning behind this needs to be clarified, it displays the issues at hand with even the top AI models on the market.

Therefore, the risk of Shiba Memu’s reliance on AI is high.

On the other hand, projects with a close affiliation to another tend to perform well alongside the original. Consequently, its ties to Shiba Inu could positively affect its price, particularly with the Shiba Inu Ethereum layer two Shibarium about to launch.

With this in mind, our Shiba Memu price prediction estimates a low of $0.028, a high of $0.038 and an average price of $0.033 by the end of 2024.

Shiba Memu Price Prediction 2025

Shiba Memu’s success in 2025 will ultimately depend on the performance of its AI tools. The project’s roadmap notes it will continue development, expand into new markets and increase community participation in 2025.

Shiba Memu

Moreover, it targets centralised exchange listings in Q3 2024, which could help to attract new liquidity in 2025.

This will be furthered if the crypto bull run comes into effect. According to expert analysis, the crypto bull market could return in 2024, peaking in 2025.

That said, Shiba Memu will only benefit from the bull run if it can retain its community’s interest following its initial exchange offering (IEO).

With this in mind, our Shiba Memu price prediction estimates a possible low of $0.034, a high of $0.05 and an average price of $0.042 by the end of 2025.

Shiba Memu Price Prediction 2030

Taking a long-term outlook, there are numerous potential outcomes for SHMU in 2030. Firstly, its adoption of AI technology could set it ahead of its competition, enabling long-term growth.

Shiba Memu

However, the impact of solely using AI for marketing remains to be seen. Currently, AI (specifically LLMs) are criticised for their lack of nuanced understanding and reasoning. As a result, relying on LLMs for marketing may lead to worse results than if the project used a team of real humans.

Furthermore, there is currently no utility for the Shiba Memu token. It will rely on hype to drive demand, or the price will collapse. The roadmap aims to increase utility and integrate it with other dApps, but little has yet to be confirmed.

With this in mind, our 2030 Shiba Memu price prediction forecasts a low of $0.02, a high of $0.28 and an average price of $0.024.

Possible Lows and Highs of Shiba Memu Price

With AI technology, Shiba Memu could become one of the top meme coins. Still, it is not without risk. We have listed our predicted lows and highs below.

Year Minimum Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.028 $0.038
2025 $0.034 $0.05
2030 $0.02 $0.028

What Do Other Analysts Predict for Shiba Memu

Since Shiba Memu is a new cryptocurrency, analysts’ predictions vary significantly. We have summarised some of the top predictions below.

According to CoinJournal, Shiba Memu could “thrive”, although the analysis also warns investors to practice caution.

Cryptonomist‘s Shiba Memu price prediction forecasts highs of $0.5 by the end of 2024.

A recent analysis by Cryptopolitan compared the project to Dogecoin, highlighting Shiba Memu is leveraging more cutting-edge technology.

An InvestorsObserver Shiba Memu price forecast estimates a 10x return by 2024.

What Is Shiba Memu and What Is It Used For?

Shiba Memu is a meme coin which will leverage AI technology to analyse trends and grow the project’s community.

Essentially, the Shiba Memu AI will generate and run marketing strategies, then analyse its performance and use the data to create improved content.

Benefits of the Shiba Memu platform

The Shiba Memu platform will enable users to see how and where the project is marketing itself, providing deeper insight and transparency into Shiba Memu’s inner workings. Furthermore, users can interact with the Shiba Memu AI language model by asking questions, making suggestions and leaving feedback.

Currently, the SHMU token does not hold any utility or purpose, but the roadmap does allude to integrations with other decentralised applications and adding utility.

What Factors Affect the Shiba Memu Price?

As a meme coin, Shiba Memu will be among the most volatile cryptos. That said, some constants will still affect its price over time.


Shiba Memu’s ability to foster hype will significantly impact its price. This is particularly the case in the first year when the token lacks utility, and its ecosystem is yet to launch.

So far, it has made solid progress in amassing hype, but it is tapering off, with its recent tweets all receiving less than 20 likes.

Marketing Success

Shiba Memu’s reliance on AI to run its marketing could make the project a success, or it could be its demise. However, if the tools successfully produce targetted content at scale, it could help quickly bolster the project’s awareness.

Token Utility

Despite its unique idea, the SHMU token has not necessarily been integrated into the ecosystem. This means its price is purely speculative since there is no utility-driven demand.

Adding token utility would supplement the hype-driven demand, potentially bolstering its price.

Broader Market

Shiba Memu is bound by the broader market’s performance, as with all cryptos. This comprises everything from similar meme coins to global macroeconomic conditions. Outside events can also affect a coin’s price. For example, a project called X pumped 1,200% when Elon Musk changed Twitter’s name to “X”.

Is Shiba Memu a Buy?

Choosing whether to buy a particular asset must be the choice of the individual investor. All cryptos carry risk, but Shiba Memu undoubtedly holds viral potential. Moreover, its use of AI could supercharge its growth.

However, the project faces many challenges, such as high competition levels and uncertainty about its AI model’s performance. Furthermore, its lack of token utility means it may be unable to recover if the price drops.

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Our Shiba Memu forecast found that while the project does hold upside potential, it also carries significant risk. As such, our SHMU forecast predicts lows of $0.02, highs of $0.28 and an average price of $0.024 by the end of 2030.

With that in mind, we have created a list of potentially better upside presales. Click below to check it out.



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