Slerf Coin Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

slerf price prediction

Slerf is one of the most talked about meme coins of the current bull run. It burst onto the headlines after the developer burned the LP tokens destined to be given to the presale participants—who had contributed $10m worth of SOL. After long discussions, the token was launched anyway, and a community rallied around to support the pre-investors and make things whole again. This display caused the token to skyrocket.

In this Slerf price prediction we look at what went on with the token launch, the aftermath, and the current state of Slerf. Then, we’ll look at this new meme coin’s potential for 2024, 2025, and 2030.

Slerf Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030

  • Slerf launched on March 18th, 2024.
  • Prior to launch, and after raising $10m in a presale, the Slerf developer accidentally burned all the LP tokens meant for the presale contributors.
  • After spending hours on Twitter (now X) Spaces, they were offered support from individuals and companies.
  • The token launched on the Raydium DEX with an initial price of $0.02193 and quickly rocketed up to $1.3710 as a result of all the hype it received.
  • A fund was set up to make the presale participants whole, and many exchanges listed the token, promising 100% of trading fees for the fund.
  • At the time of writing, Slerf was trading at $0.563, 61.96% down from its all-time high but up 2,467% from its initial price.
Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.10 $0.70 $2.12
2025 $0.14 $0.50 $1.70
2030 $0.85 $1.24 $1.50

Slerf Price History

Slerf was first launched on the Raydium DEX in the early hours of March 18th. Its initial price was $0.02193, but within two and a half hours, amid a trading frenzy, it had gained more than 6,151% and hit a high of $1.3710.

From there, the token declined, losing over 70% of its gains to find support around $0.375—still up 1,610% from its first recorded price. In its first 24 hours of trading, the Slerf token posted over $2.7 billion in trading volume, more than all Ethereum DeFi over the same period.

The token then climbed, and in the first hour of trading on March 19th, it hit a new ATH of $1.4801, a gain of 294% from its support level.

The token then sharply declined, losing over 50% of its value in 6 hours to find support at $0.70. This level continued to act as soft support as Slerf entered a steady downward trend on the 15-minute chart.

SLERF/USD 15 Minute Chart with Trends

This support was finally broken in the early hours of the 22nd as the downward trend converged with the support at $0.70. At the time of writing, Slerf was trading at $0.563, 61.96% down from its all-time high but up 2,467% from its initial price.

Slerf Price Prediction 2024

Slerf launched amid a flurry of excitement in March 2024 after a developer blunder. While it is only a few days old and seemingly still trying to find its value, there are a few things we can look at to help us make a Slerf price prediction for 2024.

The first thing to look at is the history of meme coins to tell us what may happen. If we look at the price history of some older meme coins, like Doge, Shiba, and Floki, we find that their first massive pump builds in stages, showing that we might be at the first stage of Slerf’s pump. Some settle down to trade many times higher than their initial price, while others drop down to trade at just 3-4x their initial price.

Looking specifically at which of the best Solana meme coins this cycle offer the same zero value propositions as Slerf does, it is perhaps best to look at dogwifhat. Like Slerf, it is one of the few meme coins with a valuation above $0.01. Its success and sustained high valuations show that Slerf could also have the same success as traders might see it as undervalued every time it drops.

This is all, of course, if the bull market continues to be sustained. With the most anticipated Bitcoin Halving ever coming in April, the continued inflow of capital into Bitcoin ETFs, and the expectation that the global macroeconomic situation is set to improve, things look good for meme coins and Slerf in 2024.

All in all, Slerf could have a positive 2024 — if it doesn’t suffer another huge developer mishap. Our Slerf coin price forecast for 2024 has a high of $2.12, a low of $0.10, and an average price of $0.70.

2024 Price Prediction
Low $0.10
Average $0.70
High $2.12

Slerf Homepage

Slerf Price Prediction 2025

Looking forward to 2025, there is the expectation that the price movements of Slerf will settle down like many other meme coins do after their initial pump. It is also expected that the meme coin mania of early 2024 is likely to be exhausted by this point.

However, with the effects of the 2024 Bitcoin Halving forecast to be felt this year, we could see the market rally in 2025, as has happened historically 12–18 months after each Bitcoin Halving event. Will the meme coin market have run out of steam by this point? It’s hard to say.

There are also the continued performance issues of the Solana blockchain. If Solana continues to have intermittent outages into 2025, then we could see investors move off the protocol and into other ecosystems to ensure the security of their assets and their ability to trade confidently.

All that said, we expect Slerf to have a mild 2025 as it gets overtaken in popularity by newer, more fashionable meme coins. Our Slerf price prediction for 2025 is a low of $0.14, a high of $1.70, and an average of $0.50.

Slerf Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2030 Predictions

Crypto is a fast-changing industry, and looking ahead to 2030 leaves a lot of room for movement. This is especially true of meme coins, an industry that is thought by many to be akin to gambling. There is also the idea that these tokens could eventually be run off the charts by regulations.

However, if we assume that they do still exist, then Slerf, with its unique and paradoxical beginning—which provided what was, essentially, an exceptionally fair launch—could be one of the current cohorts of meme coins that still exists. This is especially probable as the token, just four days after launch, has already amassed a Telegram community of over 27,000 members and almost 100,000 followers on X.

This is all assuming, of course, that the project or its community has not birthed any extra utility that could drive the price of Slerf higher. If so, then Slerf is expected to have retained a decent valuation; however, we don’t expect it to be hitting new ATHs in 2030. Our Slerf price prediction for 2030 has a high of $1.50, a low of $0.85, and an average price of $1.24.

Potential Highs & Lows of Slerf Coin Price

The table below summarizes our Slerf price forecast for 2024, 2025, and 2030.

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.10 $0.70 $2.12
2025 $0.14 $0.50 $1.70
2030 $0.85 $1.24 $1.50

What do Other Analysts Predict for Slerf Coin?

Even though it’s early days for Slerf and the Slerf token price, internet analysts, like us, are still making predictions for the future price of Slerf. Below is a collection of some other Slerf price predictions we’ve found around the web.

On X, the @Whale_Guru account makes a prediction for a slew of memes coins in 2025 and predicts a 118x rise for Slerf and a price of $83.


Writing for the Coin Gabbar website, Lokesh Gupta states that they expect Slerf to be valued at around $10 in 2030.

Lokesh Gupta

The COINCU website predicts that Slerf will have an average price of $15.70 in 2025 and will attain a high of $47.31 in 2030.


What is Slerf Coin and What is it Used For?

Slerf ($SLERF) is one of the latest tokens to come out of the meme coin mania of early 2024. It’s a sloth-themed meme coin built on the Solana network. Slerf was launched through a presale, raising over $10m worth of SOL. On launch day, however, the developer accidentally burned all the LP tokens meant for the airdrop to contributors. The $SLERF token has since gone on to be a resounding success, and a slew of donations have been made to help make right those who were wronged.

The Slerf developer announced their blunder with a simple tweet: “oh fuck”, which has now become the tagline for Slerf memes. This was followed 10 minutes later with a string of tweets that explained what happened:

Slerf Sorry Tweet Thread

With many calling it a marketing stunt, the developer behind Slerf held an impromptu X space to bring transparency to the situation and accept accountability for their actions. Over 10,000 people tuned in, and this action turned what may have been anger into the building of a community.

After spending hours on Spaces, the developer had received messages from multiple platforms and creators who wanted to help them make it right. Several crypto trading platforms like BingX, HTX (Huobi Global), and BitGet all reached out and said they would donate all $SLERF trading fees to the affected Slerf investors.

The Slerf Token Launched

Slerf continued with its launch on the 18th of March. It was listed on the LBank and exchanges on its first day and quickly hit over $1.7 billion in trading volume, which increased to a total of almost $2.5 billion within the first 24 hours. This was all helped by the huge amounts of coverage the developer’s blunder received in the media.

On the 19th of March, traction continued to build as Slerf climbed above the dollar valuation. It was then launched on’s DeFi wallet, and KuCoin launched Slerf Perpetual Futures. The Slerf token has since been launched on a slew of other exchanges and continues to trade above the launch price.

Support for Slerf Contributors

In a positive twist, numerous platforms have reached out in support of those who lost funds in the Slerf developer’s blunder, with platforms donating funds and fees from Slerf trading to make the Slerf presale contributors whole again.

A donation program has been set up by the LBank exchange, raising over 3710 SOL, worth over $630,000 at the time of writing. Refunds had already been started for the presale investors, with those who invested a small amount being prioritized first.

Slerf Memes

The community has already generated a slew of memes and supporters. Meanwhile, holders have also been “slerfing” and sharing their existing NFTs PFPs.

slerf meme

Slerf Utility and Tokenomics

The initial plan was to have 50% of the token go to exchange liquidity and the other 50% be delivered to the presale participants. However, this hasn’t happened and all are now in circulation through the exchange, and there is a total supply of 500 million SLERF.

In terms of utility, Slerf is a meme coin and has no utility. Some may come in the future, and the large size of the community means that someone may desire to do something innovative within the Slerf ecosystem.

Slerf Coin Overview

Cryptocurrency Slerf
Ticker Symbol SLERF
Rank #236
Price $0.563
Price Change 24H -27.63%
Market Cap $281.52 million
Circulating Supply 499,997,750 SLERF
Trading Volume 24H $610 million
All Time High $1.3710
All Time Low $0.02193

What Influences the Price of Slerf?

The price of Slerf is mostly influenced by market sentiment. As a result of the dramatics of the launch of Slerf, it has gained huge popularity. It’s likely to stay popular, either until meme mania dies away or something that meme coin investors prefer comes along. If, however, the whole crypto market turns bearish, expect Slerf, like many other meme coins, to lose a lot of value very quickly.

The token launched with a huge blunder by its developer, and many have contributed to help make things right for those who took part in the token’s presale. This means that there are a huge number of people—more than at the launch of most other meme coins—invested in the success of the token.

This mistake, and the publicity that came with it, also got the token fast-tracked onto many exchanges and trading platforms. The listing on tier 1 exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase, would also have a hugely positive influence on the token price in the future.

Is Slerf a Buy?

Slerf is currently trading high on hype from a botched launch and the community that has come in to pick up the pieces. This gave it good initial publicity and might help it stay relevant for a while, as this story is likely to continue resurfacing.

That said, Slerf is a meme coin, and meme coin investors can be fickle and the price of meme coins can climb or tumble at any point. It may seem like Slerf has already had its moment and its pump, but meme coin mania can do funny things to coins and people.

Best Place to Buy Slerf Tokens in 2024

Slerf is an emerging token, and of all the exchanges that offer it so far, we recommend MEXC as the best place to buy it. MEXC was founded in 2018, is available in over 170 countries, and boasts over 10 million users. It offers users 0% spot trading fees on over 1600 coins, along with access to highly liquid futures and margins markets—with up to 200x leverage.

Slerf Spot Trading on MEXC

The MEXC exchange is packed with advanced features, including all the charting tools and indicators necessary to formulate a strategy and execute it. Users can access demo accounts to practice their trades first and can also Copy Trade some of the expert traders that use the platform.

Finally, and especially important for trading meme coins like Slerf, MEXC offers users a mobile app for Android and iOS devices so that traders can trade on the go and never miss an important moment.


Slerf is the latest coin to come out of the meme mania of early 2024. However, this one might be different as it started with almost the fairest of all fair launches and was quickly blasted across the media.

Does this make Slerf one of our top cryptos to buy right now? Click the button below to find out.

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