8 Best Solana ICOs & Presales to Invest in 2024

best solana presales

Solana is one of the hottest blockchains of 2024. It’s not only seeing a spike in the price of its native $SOL token, but also a surge of new development. That means a large number of new crypto projects are being released on Solana.

Some of these new projects—which are still in their presale stages—have explosive price potential. One Solana presale token that launched recently, Book of Meme ($BOME), shot up more than 27,000% and listed on Solana.

To help investors find the next big Solana token, we’ve researched dozens of presale tokens and found the best ones. Keep reading for the best Solana ICOs to invest in for 2024.

  • Recent Solana meme coin with potential to go viral amid SOL animal token craze
  • Rumored to be from the same team behind SLERF which exploded earlier this year
  • Similar to Slothana which recently raised $15m and has since seen a strong launch
Project Launched
May 2024
Purchase Methods
  • SOL
  • Exciting multi-chain meme coin expected to explode during 'DOGE day' in April, also offers staking rewards.
  • Dogeverse offers seamless interoperability with Wormhole and Portal Bridge offering secure navigation between chains
  • Investors can choose their preferred chains that offer lower fees and instant processing times, boosting the trading process.
Project Launched
April 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • BNB
  • Matic
  • +1 more
  • New Solana meme coin trending on Twitter with potential to go to the moon like $SLERF
  • $SLOTH presale has no price stages or timer. Simply send $SOL to token address and $SLOTH tokens will be airdropped
  • More than $500k raised in less than 24 hours
Project Launched
March 2024
Purchase Methods
  • SOL
  • Next big Solana meme coin, emulating 100x success of Pepe, Bonk, Myro and Dogwifhat.
  • 35% of the total supply is set aside for airdrops distributed on Solana.
  • Earn airdrop points through Smog social interactions, quests, and on-chain activity.
Project Launched
February 2024
Purchase Methods
  • SOL
  • USDT
  • BONK
  • ETH
  • +1 more

The Top Solana ICOs to Invest in Now

Let’s dive straight into our list of the top Solana presales going on now:

  1. Sealana ($SEAL) – Overall best Solana ICO that could go viral, offers a fixed presale price.
  2. Slothana ($SLOTH) – Popular Solana ICO that raised $10 million since launch.
  3. Mega Dice ($DICE) – Hot new presale from popular crypto casino, token utility guaranteed.
  4. Smog ($SMOG) – Explosive Solana meme coin with massive airdrop in 8 days.
  5. Mebe ($MEBE) – Mermaid-themed ecosystem with NFTs, DEX, P2E games, and more.
  6. Faith ($FAITH) – Meme coin for Solana HODLers with 1,000 SOL presale hard cap.
  7. Ratwifhat ($RWH) – Solana presale coin on PinkSale with stakeable NFTs and airdrops.
  8. Snappe ($SNAPPE) – Pepe-themed meme coin with Solana presale on Coinbase Commerce.

Reviewing the Top New Solana ICOs

We’ve reviewed the top Solana crypto presales so investors can learn more about each project and decide which ones to buy. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Sealana ($SEAL) – Overall Best Solana ICO That Could Go Viral, Offers a Fixed Presale Price

Sealana ($SEAL) is #1 on our list of best ICOs on Solana. It stands out because it blends humor with an engaging, relatable storyline.

The meme token is inspired by a well-known character from the TV show South Park. It aims to capitalize on the current trend of dog-themed meme coins by introducing a unique character: a patriotic American seal who is learning about the complicated crypto world from his mom’s basement.

One of Sealana’s key features is its unique presale strategy. The fixed price ‘Send to Wallet’ style presale makes it easy for investors to get involved.

Sealana presale homepage

In this approach, investors can send Solana (SOL) directly to a specific wallet address to get $SEAL. You can even use a simple buying widget on the presale website to buy $SEAL.

This method has worked well for other Solana-based meme tokens, like Slothana, which went viral and raised over $15 million within a month of its launch.

Even though Solana’s overall market cap recently fell, meme tokens like Dogwifhat on its blockchain are finding new ATHs. This shows investors are quite positive about Solana-based meme tokens and could help Sealana be more resilient.

The platform aims to maximize its visibility, especially as the market prepares for a potential bull run after the recent Bitcoin halving.

Early investors can get 6,900 $SEAL for just 1 SOL at the time of writing. Interested users can follow Sealana on X (Twitter) and enter its Telegram channel for the latest presale updates.


  • Fixed presale price
  • Allows you to send SOL to wallet directly
  • Offers an engaging and relatable story


  • High volatility and risk related to meme coins.

2. Slothana ($SLOTH) – Popular Solana ICO That Raised $10 Million Since Launch

Slothana ($SLOTH) is a new Solana-based meme coin quickly gaining investor traction. Following the success of Sloth Coin ($SLERF), Slothana aims to be the next viral meme token in the meme coin space. The platform has raised over $10 million since the start of its launch, showing massive investor interest.

Instead of traditional presales with price stages or timers, Slothana lets investors send $SOL to the token address, and the coins are airdropped onto the sender’s wallet. This simple structure means people don’t have to claim after the presale and offers a hassle-free experience.

slothana $10 million

Slothana’s marketing strategy is centered around building a solid community. The team encourages investors to share Slothana-related content on social media to help grow the project’s visibility. This community-driven approach is a critical factor in the success of meme coins.

There are rumors that the team behind Slothana is the same as the $SMOG team. Smog was a groundbreaking meme token on Solana and outperformed all meme tokens after its launch. This association could prove to be good for Slothana’s future.

Interested users can follow Slothana on X (formerly Twitter) to get the latest updates on the platform’s listings and other updates.


  • Simple and innovative presale mechanism.
  • Strong community-driven marketing strategy.
  • Potential for high investment returns.
  • Fast and cheap transactions on Solana.


  • High volatility and risk associated with meme coins.

3. Mega Dice ($DICE) – Established Casino Brand Offering Generous Airdrop and Staking Rewards

Mega Dice is an established crypto casino brand with over 50,000 members worldwide. Now,  the team behind the platform has launched its very own token, $DICE. In just 4 days the presale has raised over $300,000. 

Among crypto gamers, the Mega Dice casino is a trusted brand. The platform boasts a revenue stream of more than $50 million per month. Mega Dice offers over 4000 games from all the top providers as well as sportsbook betting on over 50 sports and eSports.

Mega Dice rewards

By purchasing $DICE, token holders qualify for a number of very attractive bonuses including $2.25 million in airdropped rewards, spread over 3 seasons. Furthermore, token holders can stake their $DICE to claim daily rewards in accordance with casino performance. Limited edition NFTs will also be airdropped to selected $DICE holders which can be traded on the open market.

$DICE is already integrated into the Mega Dice casino platform providing exclusive access, rewards, and benefits to players, so demand for the token is already there. Mega Dice is offering early bird bonuses for those who purchase their tokens early as well as a generous 25% revenue share referral program for holders who enlist their friends. 

Buying the token is easy. All you have to do is head to the official Mega Dice presale website and connect your Metamask or Trust wallet. ETH, BNB, SOL and USDT are all accepted. 

For all the latest news and product updates be sure to follow the team on X and join the exclusive Telegram channel.


  • Established casino looking to expand brand reach
  • Generous airdrops of $2.25 million
  • Daily staking rewards
  • Early bird bonus scheme
  • 25% revenue share referral rewards


  • Staking rewards tied to casino performance

4. Smog ($SMOG) – Explosive Solana Meme Coin with Massive Airdrop

Smog is another recently launched meme coin on Solana that still has a ton of explosive potential even after its success to date. Since launching in February, $SMOG is up more than 13,000% and has achieved a market cap of nearly $150 million. It’s also amassed more than 100,000 token holders.

But there are several reasons to be bullish on Smog’s future. First, the token is preparing to launch on Ethereum, which could put $SMOG on the radar of many more traders and investors. Smog’s Ethereum presale is going on now, and investors who buy $SMOG on Ethereum can get a 10% discount on the token’s Solana price.

Smog Solana Crypto Presale on Ethereum

On top of that, Smog is preparing for a massive token airdrop in just 8 days. It’s not clear how much the project will distribute to token holders in this drop, but it has set aside more than $50 million worth of $SMOG tokens just for airdrops.

Check out our Smog price prediction for more details about where $SMOG could go next.


  • Up 13,000% since launch
  • Has more than 100,000 token holders
  • Upcoming airdrop in 8 days
  • Get 10% discount during Ethereum presale


  • High market cap means future 10x gains will be more difficult

5. Mebe ($MEBE) – Mermaid-themed Ecosystem with NFTs, DEX, and P2E Games

Mebe is a Solana presale crypto creating a mermaid-themed ecosystem on the blockchain. This new meme coin brings some exciting utility with it, including a collection of mermaid NFTs and an underwater-themed decentralized exchange and hot crypto wallet.

In addition, the team behind Mebe plans to roll out a series of play-to-earn games. The game will incorporate the project’s NFTs, making for a tightly intertwined ecosystem that players are sure to enjoy.

Mebe Solana Presale

One notable thing about $MEBE is that the token will have a 1% transaction fee. That encourages long-term holding and ensures the project has the funds it needs to keep building over time.

The $MEBE presale is on now and has already sold out one-third of the available tokens. We think this is one of the best Solana ICOs today and it could sell out very fast.


  • Play-to-earn game with collectible NFTs
  • Introducing DEX and crypto wallet
  • 1% buy tax encourages holding
  • Presale likely to sell out quickly


  • Requires an account to make a presale purchase

6. Faith ($FAITH) – New Solana Meme Coin Built for HODLers

Faith is a funny Solana meme coin created for any token holders who have faith in the future of the Solana ecosystem. It encourages HODLing without doubt and calls for crypto sinners—those who lost faith in their tokens and sold—to pay penance by joining the Faith movement.

The project is very likely to appeal to the Solana community, especially since many OG $SOL token holders held through the crypto winter and the near-collapse of the Solana blockchain. They’ve been rewarded for their faith in Solana, and now they have a chance to be rewarded for their faith in $FAITH.

Faith Solana Presale

The presale has a hard cap of 1,000 SOL, which is only around $180,000. So, this presale is likely to sell out extremely fast and there’s likely to be plenty of leftover demand when $FAITH launches.


  • Appeals to Solana HODLers
  • Hilarious faith-themed memes
  • Very low presale hard cap


  • No information about how many presale tokens remain

7. Ratwifhat ($RWH) – Solana ICO Coin with Stakeable NFTs

Ratwifhat is another Solana presale token riffing on the success of Dogwifhat. This token features a smiling rat with a tophat and a series of hat-wearing rat NFTs.

The NFTs are especially noteworthy because they’re only available to $RWH token holders. While they’re likely to fetch high prices in the NFT market after launch, NFT holders can also hold onto their artwork and stake it to earn $RWH token rewards. That creates an incentive to lock up these NFTs, pushing up their prices even further.

Ratwifhat Solana Presale

Ratwifhat has big ambitions, including listing on major crypto exchanges like Binance and OKX. It also plans to turn over governance to its community once the project is firmly established.

The Ratwifhat presale is going on now on PinkSale, and it ends in just 16 hours—so investors need to hurry. The project has been audited by Assure DeFi.


  • Stakeable Ratwifhat NFTs
  • Aims to list on major CEXs
  • Presale is hosted on PinkSale


  • Presale ends very soon

8. Snappe ($SNAPPE) – Pepe-themed Meme Coin on Solana

Snappe is a Solana-based take on Pepe that makes the beloved frog look more like an alligator. The meme character now has sharp teeth and a reptilian tail, giving a distinct look from all the other Pepes that have been introduced in the crypto world.

$SNAPPE is just a meme coin with no utility, although the team plans to introduce staking and token burns in the future. While we typically don’t love zero-utility tokens, the Pepe meme has proven time and again that it has real draw for meme coin investors. We expect this legacy to help Snappe attract attention and pump once it hits Solana DEXs.

Snappe Solana Presale

Around 30% of the $SNAPPE token supply is available to buy during the presale. According to the project’s roadmap, trading will start on April 20, 2024.


  • New version of Pepe meme for Solana
  • Plans to introduce staking and token burns
  • 30% of token supply available during presale


  • No staking on presale purchases

Are Solana ICOs a Good Investment?

Solana coin presales can be a good investment for some people, especially if they choose the right tokens to buy before launch. We’ll explore some of the key reasons why investors should consider investing in Solana ICOs.

Explosive Potential

The biggest reason that many investors are interested in Solana presales is that these tokens have the potential to skyrocket after launch. Recent Solana launches like DogWifCat and Smog shot up 8,000% and 13,000%, respectively, just after hitting exchanges. Book of Meme exploded 27,000% and listed on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange.

Book of Meme Price Chart on DEXTools

Investors who buy new Solana tokens during their presales have a chance to get in on the ground floor before these massive gains happen. A small investment in the right token during its presale stage has the potential to turn an investor into a crypto millionaire overnight.

Market Enthusiasm for Solana

The Solana blockchain has been one of the leading networks heading into the renewed crypto bull market, and there’s a lot of momentum behind Solana tokens right now. That bodes well for new crypto presales on Solana—investors are already looking at this ecosystem and there’s a lot of money ready to invest in Solana coins.

For investors, this means that Solana tokens have more potential to explode right now than they would in different market conditions.

Staking Rewards and Utility

Some Solana presale cryptos offer more than just potential price gains. They also have utility in the form of staking rewards, access to token airdrops, or access to NFT collections.

These utility features can dramatically increase the value of Solana tokens for an individual investor. For example, the best crypto staking platforms can bring in long-term passive income, which may be more important for some investors than short-term explosive gains.

How to Pick Which Solana ICOs to Invest in

There’s a lot to think about when deciding which Solana crypto presales to invest in. We’ll highlight some of the most important factors to consider.

Addressable Market

The most important thing to consider when evaluating a new Solana token is what its market could be. Is it a Solana meme coin with wide appeal, or is it a utility token that solves a highly niche problem?

A cryptocurrency should have as wide a market as possible without stretching itself too thin. Ideal tokens have a clear audience within the crypto community. This is partly why many meme coins riff on existing tokens—there’s already a known community around that meme that the new coin can target.

Presale Dynamics

How quickly a Solana ICO is selling out tokens is also important to watch. Presales that sell out quickly are more likely to see explosive price action after launch compared to presales that don’t sell out.

However, it’s important not to wait too long to get in on a token. Many presales have tiered pricing structures, so the longer an investor waits, the higher the price they’ll pay to buy tokens.


Always look at a new coin’s tokenomics to understand how its supply can change over time. A little inflation from staking rewards, airdrops, or liquidity supplies is okay. However, projects that don’t have a supply cap or that have high inflation rates can lose value over time.

Investor Rewards

Look at whether a new Solana cryptocurrency offers investors rewards beyond just the chance of a token’s price going up. Common examples of investor rewards include staking programs, crypto airdrops, and exclusive access to play-to-earn games or NFT collections. Rewards like these can dramatically increase the value of a token and lead to more sustainable price gains over time.

Smog Airdrop Countdown

Where to Find Solana ICOs

The best place to find Solana chain presales is CoinSniper, which keeps an up-to-date list of Solana presale tokens. Investors should also keep an eye on X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit. Many crypto investors discuss Solana presale tokens on these platforms.

Are Solana Currency Presales Safe?

The best Solana ICOs can be very safe, but it’s up to investors to do their own due diligence before buying any new token. While there are many legit Solana ICOs available, there are also many scams to look out for.

There are several ways to ensure a Solana presale is safe. First, check whether the project’s smart contract has been audited and whether the team behind the project has been doxxed. Note that it’s common for meme coin projects not to doxx their founding teams.

Next, check the project’s tokenomics. Make sure the project has a fixed supply and that there’s a clear use case for the project’s token. Many legit Solana presale projects have a whitepaper that details what the token will do.

Finally, look at the project’s roadmap. Make sure there’s a clear plan for how the token will launch and what investors can expect in the months ahead. It’s okay for the roadmap to be ambitious, but it should still be realistic.

How to Invest in Solana ICOs

Investing in the best Solana presales is easy. We’ll walk through the process in a few steps.

Step 1: Buy $SOL

In order to invest in most Solana chain presales, investors will need to swap $SOL for the presale token. So, the first step is to buy $SOL from a crypto exchange. Once purchased, send the $SOL to a crypto wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

How to Buy Solana

Investors can buy Solana at most major crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and MEXC. Check out our guide to how to buy Solana for a step-by-step guide.

Step 2: Connect to Presale

Next, head to the Solana crypto presale site. Connect the crypto wallet with $SOL in it.

Step 3: Buy Tokens

Enter the amount of tokens to buy in either USD or $SOL, then complete the purchase. The tokens will be available to claim at the end of the presale.


The best Solana ICOs offer a chance to get in on the ground floor of explosive new tokens. While no longer on presale, we think Sealana is the best new Solana token to buy. It has shown explosive potential and appears to have more gains ahead.

Plus, investors can buy Sealana at a discounted price right now. Don’t miss this chance to buy one of the hottest new Solana meme coins of 2024.



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