Tellor Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

Tellor is a decentralized blockchain oracle that provides real-world data to the Ethereum network. It’s been one of the hottest projects of the current crypto bull market, gaining more than 140% in the past month of trading, partly due to interest from crypto whales. That’s a positive sign for the $TRB token, which is set to gain value as Tellor’s oracle service becomes more widely used.

So, how high can $TRB go? In our Tellor price prediction, we’ll analyze $TRB’s potential and estimate the token’s price for 2024. We’ll also peer into the future to forecast Tellor’s price in 2025-2030.

Tellor Price Prediction 2024-2030

Tellor originally launched in 2019, but it wasn’t until 2023 that the project really began to fire on all cylinders. At the end of that year, $TRB hit an all-time high of $593 before falling to $50.

In the past month, Tellor has surged upward again, gaining more than 140% to a price of $120. The token’s momentum is still going strong, with crypto whales actively piling into $TRB to push its value higher.

Trellor 1-Month Price Chart CoinMarketCap

Here’s what we know about Tellor right now:

  • Our real-time TRB/USD price data shows a current price of $120.46
  • $TRB is available on all major exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, and OKX
  • $TRB has a market cap of $310 billion, making it the 190th-largest crypto
  • 24-hour trading volume in $TRB has exceeded $187 billion

Tellor’s oracle network is a serious challenge to Chainlink, currently the most popular blockchain oracle, and offers a more decentralized approach that many crypto developers prefer. This is especially important as Ethereum matures and a DeFi 2.0 ecosystem develops that will require more real-world data for smart contracts. Our Tellor price prediction for 2025-2030 is highly bullish, reflecting our view that this project could become the dominant blockchain oracle by the end of the decade.

That said, the current price surge is driven by crypto whales, some of whom are already liquidating their positions. So, we forecast that $TRB will soon reach a peak, then fall to support below its current price by the end of the year.

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $50 $85 $250
2025 $80 $200 $450
2030 $150 $525 $850

Tellor Price History

Tellor was launched in 2019 by the same pair of founders who created Daxia, a derivatives trading dApp on the Ethereum network. The $TRB token was released with no pre-mine and no presale. To bring new $TRB into circulation, community members had to begin supplying data to Tellor’s Oracle network. Initially, $TRB was worth around $1.

The value of $TRB rose quickly as the oracle network gained adoption. In May 2021, the token hit a then all-time high of $123.

After the bull market of 2021, Tellor sank back to trade in a $10–$20 range for the majority of 2022 and 2023, as the crypto winter took its toll on blockchain activity and oracle use.

Tellor TRB All Time Price Chart

The price of $TRB rose quickly starting in August 2023 to $140 by early November. News of the development of the Tellor Layer network, along with rises in the rest of the cryptocurrency markets, prompted new all-time highs (ATHs) throughout late December 2023.

The price skyrocketed to $593 before cratering just as quickly to $52. Analysts have found that the Tellor project team deposited $2.4 million worth of $TRB around the token’s peak, suggesting that the team itself was responsible for stifling $TRB’s growth.

Despite the outrage over this potential market manipulation, Tellor began gaining ground again in May 2024. The token has jumped to $120, representing a nearly 2.5x gain in just a few weeks. The move has been fueled by crypto whales, many of whom have already begun liquidating positions. In the last 48 hours alone, crypto whales have sold nearly $5.5 million worth of $TRB.

The price is continuing to rise despite this sell-off, indicating the price action may have triggered widespread buying among individual crypto traders. At the time of writing, $TRB has a 24-hour trading volume of more than $187 billion.

Here’s a summary of the key points you need to know about $TRB price action:

  • Tellor launched in 2019, with the $TRB token originally priced around $1
  • $TRB reached an all-time high of $593 in December 2023, followed by accusations of market manipulation
  • Crypto whales have pushed the price of $TRB to $120 but have begun selling tokens
  • $TRB is up 143% in the past month and has a daily trading volume of $187 billion

Tellor Price Prediction 2024

Tellor’s price through the remainder of 2024 is likely to be determined by the outcome of the current price action, which has seen crypto whales rush in and then just as quickly rush out. The token’s momentum hasn’t slowed down, despite the massive sell-off of $5.5 million worth of $TRB in the last 48 hours is likely to have an impact.

In fact, technical analysis suggests that $TRB could breakout through a descending wedge around $120. If that happens, the token could soar as high as $240 before encountering additional resistance.

TRB Descending Wedge Breakout

However this price move plays out, we don’t think this trading-driven price action is sustainable through the remainder of the year. Our Tellor price forecast sees the $TRB token falling to support around $85 and remaining there in a consolidation pattern for several months, possibly through the end of the year.

While this consolidation price level is below $TRB’s current price, this pullback could ultimately be good for Tellor. It will give fundamental crypto investors who see potential in the growth of Tellor’s Oracle network a chance to invest in the token at a reasonable price. This, in turn, will set the stage for more significant—and sustainable—growth in 2025 and beyond.

Here’s how we see price action in $TRB playing out throughout the remainder of 2024:

2024 Price
June $240
July $180
August $100
September $70
October $80
November $85
December $85

Tellor Price Prediction 2025

Heading into 2025, we have high expectations for Tellor. That’s because analysts expect the crypto bull market to be in full swing, with Bitcoin hitting new all-time highs and driving broad interest in blockchain technology similar to 2020-2021.

In this growth-oriented environment, we predict that hundreds to thousands of new dApps will launch on Ethereum, and existing dApps will integrate new features. Many of these dApps will require real-world data to power their smart contracts, which means they’ll need to make data requests to Tellor’s oracle network. This will send demand for the $TRB token skyrocketing, pushing its price to a predicted price level of around $200 by the end of the year.

Importantly, dApps in need of real-world data will have a choice between Chainlink, currently the largest Oracle network, and Tellor. We predict that while Tellor is much smaller than Chainlink now, it will dominate data requests from the best DeFi coins because of its more decentralized architecture.

Decentralization is extremely important to blockchain developers and a key factor in differentiating dApps from existing technologies. So, Tellor has the potential to steal a significant amount of market share away from Chainlink. In the most bullish scenario for Tellor, we think it’s possible that $TRB will reach a price as high as $450 by the end of 2025.

2025 Price
Low $80
Average $200
High $450

Tellor Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2026-2030 Predictions

In 2026 and beyond, we expect Tellor to continue growing as a result of broader adoption of blockchain technology and integration of the crypto market into traditional financial markets. Both of these trends will require a large degree of bridging between real-world data sources and blockchain networks, creating steady demand for Tellor’s decentralized oracle network.

The primary uncertainty in our Tellor price forecast for this period is how quickly the demand for Oracle data will grow. A more aggressive growth timeline—which could involve a greater tokenization of traditional financial assets—will result in faster growth in $TRB’s price. In this scenario, we foresee the token reaching a value of up to $850 by the end of 2030.

tellor homepage

A slower growth timeline—in which regulatory hurdles present roadblocks to wider crypto adoption or financial integrations—would still see the value of $TRB rise, but more slowly. In this scenario, the price of $TRB is more likely to be in the range of $350-$600 by the end of 2030.

It’s also important to consider the impact of a potential pullback in the crypto market, similar to the crypto winter of 2022-2023. While we think such an extended pullback is unlikely, it would have a significant braking effect on Tellor’s growth. In this scenario, $TRB’s price could stagnate or even fall to a low of around $150.

Here’s how we think the price of $TRB will evolve in a high-probability, moderate growth scenario:

Year Average Price
2026 $275
2027 $340
2028 $415
2029 $490
2030 $525

Potential Highs & Lows of Tellor Token

Tellor’s role as a blockchain oracle means that the value of the $TRB token is highly dependent on the success of the crypto market as a whole and the development of new dApps that require real-time data from off-chain. So, the price of $TRB could be higher or lower than our forecasted average prices if the crypto market gains widespread investment or falls into another bear market.

To account for this uncertainty, our Tellor price prediction includes potential highs and lows that reflect more bullish and more bearish scenarios:

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2026 $100 $275 $550
2027 $120 $340 $625
2028 $130 $415 $725
2029 $140 $490 $800
2030 $150 $525 $850

What Do Other Analysts Predict for Tellor?

The volatile price action around Tellor and the involvement of crypto whales have gotten many analysts interested in the future of the $TRB token. We’ll explore what several other analysts predict for Tellor and see how those forecasts stack up against our own.

  • Crypto economist and signals provider @CryptoEmree_ projects a price of $232-$347 for $TRB after a breakout from the token’s current price. This is in line with our short-term $TRB prediction, but the analyst doesn’t make a prediction for what will happen after the upward momentum is exhausted.
  • Analyst Javon Marks forecast a price of $261 following a $TRB breakout. Like @CryptoEmree_, Marks does not offer a long-term Tellor price prediction.

Tellor Breakout Javon Marks Prediction

  • Digital Coin Price used an AI algorithm to predict a price of $255.63 in 2024, $301.51 in 2025, and $881.78 in 2030. These estimates are in line with our high forecasts for $TRB in each of these years.
  • offers a more bearish analysis of $TRB, predicting a price of $163.59 in 2024, $105.63 in 2025, and $284.42 in 2030. This analysis does not foresee Tellor overtaking Chainlink, which we think is highly probable.

What is Tellor Coin and What is it Used For?

The Tellor coin is the crypto incentive token and currency of the Tellor ecosystem. Tellor is a blockchain oracle built on Ethereum. It is designed to serve as a trusted source of off-chain data for smart contracts on Ethereum and plays a critical role in the functioning of many dApps. For example, Tellor can be used to provide real-time stock prices from the New York Stock Exchange to a DeFi dApp that offers tokenized stock shares.

Tellor Blockchain Oracle Homepage

Tellor is an incentivized and permissionless network that allows anyone to submit data (earn rewards), validate data (and secure the network), and access or request data (use the network).

Virtually any type of data can be put on-chain using the Tellor protocol, so long as it is not closed-source and can be publicly verified. Example data include token and asset price data, sporting events results, and weather data. A live feed of data posted by Tellor Reporters is available here.

What makes Tellor unique from existing data oracles like Chainlink ($LINK) is that whereas Chainlink only allows validated nodes to provide data, anyone can participate in Tellor. This makes data on Tellor much more decentralized and eliminates single points of failure. $TRB staking by data providers creates an incentive for high-quality data, and anyone in the Tellor network can pay $TRB to dispute data.

What is an Oracle?

An oracle is an information provider, often an API, that provides data to a blockchain contract. They are the source of the off-chain data, e.g., price and asset data, that helps to align the on-chain environment with real-world information, facilitating the existence and functioning of DeFi and other protocols.

For example, it would be impossible to have decentralized, collateral-backed stablecoins, like Dai by MakerDAO and Djed on Cardano, that are pegged to the price of the USD.

The Tellor oracle protocol currently operates across 7 blockchain networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, Filecoin FVM, and Manta Pacific. It is compatible with any EVM chain and Algorand. Developers are also looking at integrating the Bitcoin network and BRC20 assets and exploring the integration of NFT floor prices.

Tellor also runs price feeds on various testnets, and has already integrated the Base Goerlie testnet for Coinbase’s Base Layer 2.

Tellor HOmepage

Tellor Coin Overview?

The $TRB token is central to the functioning of the Tellor network. First, in order to provide data to the Oracle network, data providers must stake $TRB. If they provide inaccurate data, they stand to lose their tokens. This ensures the quality and validity of data on Tellor.

Data requestors must attach a payment in $TRB to each data request. Half of this payment goes to the data provider who fulfills the request, while the other half is burned. The requirement to use $TRB for data request payments ensures that demand for $TRB is closely linked to demand for Tellor’s Oracle service.

Importantly, there is no cap to the number of $TRB that can be created. Data providers receive newly minted $TRB for each request they fulfill in addition to $TRB payments made by data requestors. However, this base rate can be modulated over time to control inflation in the token supply. The burn mechanism for $TRB payments also helps to keep inflation in check.

There are currently 2,574,753 $TRB in circulation with a market cap of $310,165,897.

Cryptocurrency Tellor
Token TRB
Price $120.46
Market Cap $310,165,897
Circulating Supply 2,574,753
24 Hour Trading Volume  $187,692,402
All-Time High $593.09
All-Time Low $0.01001
24 High $130.69
24 Low $119.50

Is Tellor a Buy?

Tellor is a fast-growing blockchain oracle network that poses a credible threat to Chainlink’s dominance. We think it has the potential to become the most important source of off-chain data for Ethereum-based dApps by the end of the decade.

Since the value of the $TRB token is closely linked to the growth of the Tellor data network, we’re bullish on the token’s growth. According to our price forecast, $TRB could reach a price as high as $850 by 2030. We think Tellor is one of the best long-term crypto projects to invest in.

That said, we don’t think $TRB is one of the best altcoins to buy right now. The current price action is likely unsustainable since it’s driven by crypto whales seeking short-term profits. Although a breakout could send the price of $TRB as high as $250 within the next 1-2 months, we think the coin will fall back to a price of $85 by the end of the year. This represents a discount of 30% from the current $TRB price and is a much more desirable entry point.

As for any crypto investment, it’s important to do your own research. Tellor could lose value, so only invest money you are willing to lose.

What Influences the Price of Tellor?

The price of Tellor is influenced by both elements of the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem and those in the Tellor ecosystem. Here are some of those major factors.

  • Bitcoin Price Movements: As the price in Bitcoin moves, the majority of the Altcoin market moves with it—Tellor does the same.
  • Crypto Regulation: Countries around the world are slowly implementing crypto regulations, and as they do, the crypto markets will react to them—with direction depending on how positive or negative the regulations are.
  • New Partnership Announcements: For Tellor to grow it must add other blockchain networks and protocols to its list of who it services—the prices will react to it.
  • Protocol Updates: Blockchain is a new technology, and will continue to evolve. Tellor will update its protocol and successful updates are usually met with positive price movements.
  • Happenings in the Oracle Ecosystem: The oracle ecosystem is a growing one, and also the target of hackers. Positive and negative developments in the oracle ecosystem will affect all oracle tokens.


Tellor is one of the hottest projects in the crypto space right now, and we’re extremely bullish on this Oracle network’s long-term prospects. However, we think $TRB’s current momentum is unsustainable, so the token could lose value in the short term. We recommend that investors interested in buying $TRB wait for a pullback to around $85 before making a purchase.

In the meantime, the crypto bull market offers a wide range of opportunities for traders and investors alike. Check out our guide to the best cryptos of 2024 to find the top tokens to buy today.


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