Tellor Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

Tellor price prediction

Oracle networks are one of the backbones of a decentralized ecosystem, and, in late 2023, the Tellor ($TRB) protocol announced upgrades that have greatly increased interest in the network and speculation on the future price of the token.

In this Tellor price prediction, we dive into the price history of TRB, discuss its price history, and use market information and data to make price predictions for the future of Tellor.

Tellor Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030

  • Tellor was launched in November 2019. Its first price registered on CoinMarketCap, $1.11, is also the token’s all-time low
  • After hitting a high of $123.51 in the bull market of 2021, Tellor sank back to trade in a $10–$20 range for the majority of 2022 and 2023
  • News of the development of the Tellor Layer network, along with rises in the rest of the cryptocurrency markets, prompted new all-time highs (ATHs) throughout late December 2023
  • This culminated with a 123% rise in a few hours on December 31st, to TRB’s current ATH of $602.98
  • $TRB quickly dropped from this ATH, losing 56% of its value in an hour, and finishing the year on $182.64 up 1,402% year-on-year
  • Our price prediction contains progressively higher highs and higher lows through to 2030, where we forecast the price will stabilize between $280 and $400.
Year Low Price Average Price High Price
2024 $100 $160 $200
2025 $160 $220 $480
2030 $280 $320 $400

Tellor Price History

Tellor launched in 2019, and the first recorded price data on CoinMarketCap is from November 19th, 2019, when Tellor was priced at $1.11—which is also the token’s all-time low. It first climbed above $10 in July 2020 and has only briefly dipped below this valuation a few times since.

During the bull market of 2021, Tellor hit highs of $123.51 before sinking back toward the $10-$20 range—where it stayed for the majority of 2022 and 2023.

Driven by the announcement of the development of the Tellor Layer, a layer 1 oracle chain, on September 1st 2023, the price of Tellor rose 256%, from $14.80 to $52.71, in one month.

The price of the whole crypto market then started moving upward in October 2023, following 40%+ rises in the price of Bitcoin. Tellor followed, finishing 2023 at $182.64, up 1,402% from its price at the start of the year ($12.17).

The end of 2023 was also when Tellor posted a new ATH of $602.98. This was caused by a price spike on December 31st, where Tellor rose 123% in just a handful hours. The price of Tellor then dropped dramatically, posting a loss of 56% in one hour as it dropped from $587.38 to $256.52, hitting a low of $123.18 just hours inside 2024.

As this occurred it was found that the team deposited $2.4m worth of TRB into Coinbase, prompting claims of price manipulated by the community.

Tellor Price History Summary

  • The first Tellor token price is $1.11, from November 19th, 2019, which is also its all-time low
  • Tellor first climbed above $10 in July 2020 and went on to hit a local high of $123.51 during the 2021 bull market
  • From here, Tellor sank to trade in the $10–$20 range for the majority of 2022 and 2023
  • In September 2023, on the back of the announcement of a dedicated Tellor blockchain, the Tellor price rose 256% in 1 month
  • As Bitcoin and the rest of the market started rising in October 2023 Tellor followed and posted year-on-year gains of 1,402% as it finished 2023 at $182.64
  • On December 31st, 2023, Tellor posted its ATH of $602.98. However, it lost 69% of this price in a matter of hours. Some accused the Tellor team of market manipulation as it aligned with the deposit of $2.4m worth of team tokens into Coinbase

Tellor All-time price chart

Tellor Price Prediction 2024

2024 is set to be an interesting year for the whole crypto market, for multiple reasons. Alongside this, there are also reasons for investors to be excited about the growth of Tellor, and the impact this will have on the Tellor coin price and any Tellor price forecast.

Q1 2024

The SEC has a January 10th deadline for deciding the future of long anticipated Bitcoin ETFs—with speculation on this topic driving crypto prices in late 2023. There are currently 14 asset managers with updated Bitcoin ETF filings submitted to the SEC, and it is expected that multiple will be approved together.

That is, however, if approval happens at all—with some analysts still being cautious about the SEC delaying their response, again. Some think this is already priced in, with popular crypto analyst Alex Krüger saying that approval is 90% priced in.

Q2 2024

The next Bitcoin Halving is expected to take place in April or May 2024, putting it at the start of Q2. While there is, historically, little price action around the Halving event, this year could be different, with Bitcoin ETF approval potential prior to the event, and the rising interest in and adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

While we expect the price of Tellor to stay flat in the aftermath of the Halving event, there won’t be much surprise if the Bitcoin price does pump a little bit due to the above factors.

Q3 and Q4 2024

There are some who expect the Bitcoin Halving event to have a price impact in 2024, with some Bitcoin price predictions forecasting $100,000 per BTC by the end of the year. If true, these rises are likely to come later in Q3 or into Q4 as the macroeconomic situation improves and the US Federal Reserve leads the way by continuing to cut interest rates—after already signaling it would do so. This will positively impact the price of all altcoins.

There is also the potential impact of the release of the Tellor layer 1 network later in 2024. While no release date has been set, some are hopeful that there will at least be a closed beta by Q3 or Q4 2024. News of this is likely to drive the price of TRB up.

Finally, there is also the potential integration with Bitcoin and BRC20 tokens, which would bring much needed oracle data to the Bitcoin token market. Which, in turn, would create higher demand for Tellor oracle data, resulting in higher demand for the token, and higher token prices.

Tellor 2024 Price Prediction Summary

Our Tellor Price prediction for 2024 is a positive one as the macroeconomic picture improves, the Bitcoin Halving event happens, and Tellor has its big news with the launch of the testnet—or even mainnet—of its layer 1 oracle solution, Tellor Layer.

However, we don’t predict new ATHs for Tellor as downward price pressure will be created by those who bought during the price jump at the end of 2023.

Our 2024 Tellor price forecast is as follows:

2024 Price Prediction
Low $100
Average $160
High $200

Tellor 2024 Price Prediction on Chart

Tellor Price Prediction 2025

According to historical data, the impacts of the Bitcoin Halving are typically felt 12–18 months after the halving has occurred. This means that, with the halving set to occur in April or May of 2024, these impacts will fall squarely in 2025—and are expected to push many altcoins to new ATHs.

If the global economic situation continues to improve we will see inflation falling in major economies around the globe and the easing of interest rates, which is a good signal for money to begin flowing into more volatile assets, like cryptocurrencies.

Finally, 2025 is when the Tellor Layer is likely to be released, allowing Tellor to take full advantage of the widely predicted multi-chain future. Hype around the release of this network and announcements of the first new chains to begin using it are likely to boost the price throughout 2025.

On the back of this information, our Tellor price prediction for 2025 is also positive, with a low of $160, a high of $480, and an average price of $220.

Tellor Price Forecast Long Term Outlook – 2030 Prediction

The further from the present we get the harder it is to make meaningful and accurate price forecasts. However, there are a few factors we can use to make an informed Tellor crypto price forecast for 2030.

Tellor Price Prediction for 2030

As 2030 comes around it is expected that the vast majority of nations will have implemented cryptocurrency regulations that help to foster both the growth and adoption of the technology.

This increase in adoption, along with the building of real utility on these networks, will increase the demand for decentralized and trustworthy oracle data, which Tellor, with its Tellor Layer blockchain, will be ready to take advantage of, making it ready to be one of the premium oracle providers in a decentralized blockchain future.

As a result, our Tellor coin forecast for 2030 is built on a sustained demand for Tellor’s TRB token, with a high of $400, a low of $280, and an average price of $320.

Potential Highs & Lows of Tellor Coin Price

The table below summarizes our Tellor price predictions for 2024, 2025, and 2030.

Year Low Price Average Price High Price
2024 $100 $160 $200
2025 $160 $220 $480
2030 $280 $320 $400

What do Other Analysts Predict for Tellor Coin?

Tellor is a popular oracle provider and many analysts have made predictions for its future. Here we’ve summarized those.

For 2025, CoinCodex predicts a low of $165.96 and a high of $205.54, with very similar predictions for 2030, with a low of $164.71 and a high of $234.56.


The AMBCrypto website predicts that Tellor will continue to sink lower in 2024, with highs of $116.26 and lows of $96.88, not crossing the $200 mark again until 2029.


The DigitalCoinPrice website predicts that Tellor will continue rising from 2024 onwards, hitting consecutive new ATHs from 2026 through to 2030, with a high of $1,351.86 in 2030.


The CoinLore platform predicts a new ATH of $675.34 in 2025, with a price of $1,245 in 2030.


CoinCheckup predicts that by January 2025 there will be little to no change in the price of TBR from January 2024, with a 2.94% decrease in price to $174.30.


What is Tellor Coin and What is it Used For?

The Tellor coin is the crypto incentive token and currency of the Tellor ecosystem.

Tellor is a decentralized oracle protocol that was launched in 2019. It is an incentivized and permissionless network that allows anyone to submit data (earn rewards), validate data (and secure the network), and access or request data (use the network).

Virtually any type of data can be put on-chain using the Tellor protocol, so long as it is not closed-source and can be publicly verified. Example data include token and asset price data, sporting events results, and weather data. A live feed of data posted by Tellor Reporters is available here.

What is an Oracle?

An oracle is an information provider, often an API, that provides data to a blockchain contract. They are the source of the off-chain data, e.g., price and asset data, that helps to align the on-chain environment with real-world information, facilitating the existence and functioning of DeFi and other protocols.

For example, it would be impossible to have decentralized, collateral-backed stablecoins, like Dai by MakerDAO and Djed on Cardano, that are pegged to the price of the USD.

The Tellor oracle protocol currently operates across 7 blockchain networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, Filecoin FVM, and Manta Pacific. It is compatible with any EVM chain and Algorand. Developers are also looking at integrating the Bitcoin network and BRC20 assets and exploring the integration of NFT floor prices.

Tellor also runs price feeds on various testnets, and has already integrated the Base Goerlie testnet for Coinbase’s Base Layer 2.

How the Tellor Protocol Works?

On the Tellor protocol, a network of Reporters compete for user submitted payments, called Tips, who submit data requests, along with their Tips, to the network. This is done to both set up new data requests and to update existing data requests.

To become a Reporter a user must stake TRB, a stake which they will lose if they are found to be reporting inaccurate or false data. The amount of TRB required to become a Reporter is controlled by a target dollar amount and a minimum TRB stake amount. This varies by chain, but, for example, on Ethereum, the minimum stake value is $1500 and the minimum stake size is 100TRB—so if TRB is worth more than $15 the minimum stake amount is always 100TRB.

Users submit data requests to the Tellor network, along with a Tip. Tips can vary in size and requests with larger Tips are more likely to be processed by Reporters first—much like with transaction and gas fees.

The first Reporter to fulfill the user’s request receives the associated Tip. This Tip is then locked for 12 hours, in which time any TRB holder and observer of the network can challenge the validity (or correctness) of the data. Tips must be claimed by Reporters within 3 months.

To dispute a reported value, the TRB holder must lock up some TRB—1/10th of the current stake amount—as a disputer fee. Once a dispute has been created the potentially malicious Reporter is locked until the voting outcome has concluded. The community has two days to vote on whether or not to accept or reject the data.

If the Disputer is wrong, they lose their locked Disputer fee and it is received by the vindicated Reporter. If the Reporter is found to have posted false data the Disputer receives the Reporter’s entire stake. This incentivizes users to dispute false information, and Reporters to remain honest.

Tellor HOmepage

What is the Tellor Token (TRB) is Used For?

The TRB token is the token of the Tellor ecosystem and is required to participate in the Tellor protocol. It is used as the economic incentive in the Tellor ecosystem.

  • Reporters stake TRB to have the right to report on the network and earn TRB Tips
  • Users accompany data requests with TRB Tips which is received by the Reporter who completes their request
  • Disputers lock TRB to dispute any data reported by a Reporter. If their dispute is accepted by the community they receive the malicious Reporter’s full stake

Tellor Coin Overview

Cryptocurrency Tellor
Ticker Symbol TRB
Rank #122
Price $179.58
Price Change 24H -5.91%
Market Cap $455,304,001
Circulating Supply 2,535,443 TRB
Trading Volume 24H $700,425,358
All Time High $602.98
All Time Low $1.11

What Influences the Price of Tellor?

The price of Tellor is influenced by both elements of the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem and those in the Tellor ecosystem. Here are some of those major factors.

  • Bitcoin Price Movements: As the price in Bitcoin moves, the majority of the Altcoin market moves with it—Tellor does the same.
  • Crypto Regulation: Countries around the world are slowly implementing crypto regulations, as they do the crypto markets will react to them—with direction depending on how positive or negative the regulations are.
  • New Partnership Announcements: For Tellor to grow it must add other blockchain networks and protocols to its list of who it services—the prices will react to it.
  • Protocol Updates: Blockchain is a new technology, and will continue to evolve. Tellor will update its protocol and successful updates are usually met with positive price movements.
  • Happenings in the Oracle Ecosystem: The oracle ecosystem is a growing one, and also the target of hackers. Positive and negative developments in the oracle ecosystem will affect all oracle tokens.

Is Tellor a Buy?

With how important oracles are to the future of a decentralized ecosystem, some are betting that these will become some of the most highly valued coins in the future. This has led many people to make bold predictions about the future price of these tokens, and go long on them.

In the short term, Tellor is releasing its own blockchain network to facilitate its oracle service, improving both the service and the security. There is no release date set for this network, however, it is thought that it will happen in late 2024 or early 2025.

The completion of such major updates is typically met by large, mostly positive, price movements. With prices moving upward as the date gets closer in anticipation of the event. It is worth noting that there are concerns about the TRB distribution, with 20 whales holding around 95% of all TRB tokens, and the drastic impact they could have on prices if some decide to dump their holdings.


Oracles are an integral part of any future where blockchain is widely integrated into society, and Tellor is developing a network that will help it service a multi-chain blockchain future.

Does this alone make Tellor one of our top cryptocurrencies for 2024?



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