TerraClassicUSD Coin Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

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In the wake of November 27th’s price surge, we thought it was a good time to attempt a TerraClassicUSD price prediction. What makes this “stablecoin” so peculiar – aside from the fact that it’s not been stable since May 10th, 2022 – is that it’s still showing signs of life, long after many considered it dead. Exactly why the token is still alive will factor greatly into our prediction.

USTC (TerraClassicUSD) had promise. Unlike standard USD-pegged stablecoins, USTC is algorithmic – controlling its price not with reserves but with a mathematical equation that controls supply. This contributes greatly to its scalability, as its price ultimately comes down to programming – freeing the token to hop on a DeFi protocol and still keep its intrinsic value.

TerraClassicUSD Coin Price Prediction 2024 to 2030 – Summary

  • USTC’s current price is $0.05262 with a $473 million market cap
  • USTC rises as high as $0.07324 on November 27th, 2023
  • Today, USTC is still down 95.07% from its ATH of $1.05
  • Our TerraClassicUSD token price prediction estimates a maximum of $0.05437 by the end of 2024.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum
2024 $0.03169 $0.04303 $0.05437
2025 $0.04869 $0.06235 $0.07600
2030 $0.05972 $0.06589 $0.07206

TerraClassicUSD Price History

With USTC at such low prices, it is very much possible to make sizable profits in a relatively short span of time. For instance, a move from $0.01 to $0.015 is a 50% jump, and such price action often occurs. Between November 3rd and November 11th, USTC’s price climbed from $0.01129 to $0.01686.

TerraClassicUSD reaching $0.01686 price chart

On November 25th, 2020 TerraUSD opened at $1.0105. It was launched in collaboration with Bittrex Global and went on to earn a reputation as the most scalable stablecoin. LUNA, its “unstable” counterpart, had launched more than a year prior, at $1.7042 on July 26th, 2019 but not before LUNC (Luna Classic), which launched in August 2018.

The infamous crash of 2022 can be traced back to the evening of May 7th, when Terraform Labs took 150 million UST out of a decentralised exchange known as 3pool. This was all part of a planned effort to move the tokens into another pool.

What wasn’t accounted for was how shallow Terra’s withdrawal from 3pool would leave the available UST. Now vulnerable to extreme volatility, roughly thirteen minutes after Terra’s withdrawal, 85 million UST was swapped for USDC in a single trade. Then 100 million UST was swapped for USDC within the hour.

Terra tried to respond with their own trade but it was too late. The peg to USD had already been broken.

The price plummeted from $0.9954 and set a new, eye-watering ATL of $0.006218, 99.41% down from its ATH of $1.05. To this day, it has not seen anywhere near the trading volume needed to pull it up from the bottom of the river – swaying between $0.01 and $0.02 over the past year, before finally reaching a staggering $0.07324 on November 27th, 2023.

TerraClassicUSD reaching $0.07581, as shown on CoinMarketCap

The cause of this sudden jump in price and trading volume may have something to do with Binance’s new USTC futures listing. However, upon further study, we noticed some clever play on the part of traders. 

USTC’s price rose in anticipation of the announcement, having reached $0.0649 (from as low as November 25th’s price of $0.01341) by 10:45 UTC, the exact time Binance released the news. The price rose to $0.07581 by 14:05 UTC, a whole hour after the USDⓈ-M ONG Perpetual Contract (USTC futures) went live. But by 20:40 UTC, the price had dropped to $0.03147, with no decrease in trading volume.

So, it appears this news was capitalised on and that, perhaps, USTC’s current trading volume – which is now slightly higher than it was when the price reached $0.07581 – is but the ghost of a missed opportunity.

Key Points in USTC’s Price History:

  • TerraUSD (UST) opens November 25th, 2020 at $1.0105 with a $13 million market cap
  • UST de-pegs from USD and drops to an ATL of $0.006218, on June 18th, 2022 – 99.41% down from its ATH of $1.05
  • TerraUSD (UST) rebrands to TerraClassicUSD
  • USTC current price is $0.05262 with a $473 million market cap
  • USTC is down 95.07% from its ATH (all-time high) of $1.05
  • Our TerraClassicUSD price prediction estimates a maximum of $0.04537 by the end of 2024.

TerraClassicUSD Price Prediction 2024

While the rest of the crypto market waits with bated breath for Bitcoin’s halving – predicted to be April 2024 – we can expect altcoins to remain about as [relatively] stagnant as they’ve been over the past two years. And while some may begin their ascent early next year, if they haven’t already (like NEXA), we’re not expecting much from USTC until the altcoin bull run is underway and stablecoins start getting more attention.

Though the token has completely lost sight of the USD, it still functions algorithmically and comes with the perks of cross-chain compatibility.

Our TerraClassicUSD coin forecast will take this into account but we’re still not sure demand for the token will be high, as cross-chain compatibility only matters to those who wish to hold the token. Had November 27th’s price fluctuation not happened, we’d still see the token moving between $0.01 and $0.02, which is fantastic for trading… and perhaps even long-term HODLing.

If the price is pushed past $0.04006 again, we could end up seeing $0.03 as support, creating a solid foundation for an attempt at $0.05. If that happens again, we can assume $0.07581 (November 27th’s high, before its $0.04038 close) will be cleared with ease, setting a course for the coveted $0.1 mark.

It’s clear that USTC has functioned, largely, as a trading opportunity, and that’s likely to continue into the future. As trading volume climbs, we could see significant gains, with the price eventually closing just above $0.1 at some point in the year. That would make for a very attractive investment, especially given today’s trading volume. Many could end up seizing such prospects by summer.

After Bitcoin’s ETFs are approved and the market’s flooded with more bulls, there’s no doubt USTC will benefit from that upward potential as people look for low-cost tokens to take advantage of.

What are ETFs?

An Exchange-Traded Fund is simply a listing on an exchange that tracks specific indexes. Those investing in a Bitcoin ETF, for instance, aren’t actually buying the Bitcoin asset, but rather the security that is tracking Bitcoin’s price action. Investing in ETFs is a good way to minimise financial risk.

So, the future does indeed look bright, regarding the TerraClassicUSD crypto price, for the simple fact that there are so many reasons to either hold or trade the token. The question is whether the token will receive more trading interest or investment interest.

Investors are more likely to hold USTC for a maximum of months, as they wait for significant gains. “Significant gains” could be considered as high as $0.07581 or as low as $0.05. If they sell off at either of these prices, USTC will be left to traders, who will continue to drive the price down as they short the token.

The latter outcome seems more likely, which will keep the price from reaching $0.1 – to settle roughly between $0.03169 and $0.05437.

TerraClassicUSD Price Forecast Long Term Outlook – 2025-2030 Predictions

While USTC remains a trading opportunity, price fluctuations aren’t likely to broaden too far beyond our 2024 prediction between $0.03169 and $0.05437. However, trading volume will, inevitably, increase, potentially pushing the token closer to $0.1.

On that note, our TerraClassicUSD Price prediction for 2025 is between $0.04869 and $0.07600.

As cryptocurrency adoption ramps up, and regulatory clarity is achieved, more competition will appear on the market. With new investment opportunities pulling attention away from tokens like USTC, we believe it will continue to have a hard time climbing up to $0.1.

New rules would’ve been set around minting new tokens, and there’s a good chance we’ll see more stablecoins that account for TerraClassicUSD’s vulnerabilities. How can USTC ever find itself pegged 1:1 to USD again? Why would it ever need to be? Perhaps the token will be regulated out of existence, once a new standard for algorithmic stablecoins is set.

Until we know that for certain, we can only go off its current trajectory, which indicates fluctuations below $0.1, even by 2030. Unlike other altcoins, price appreciation can’t be guaranteed unless USTC forever remains a trading opportunity. In that case, inflation will creep the price up.

The new institutional players set to take advantage of a safer crypto environment (brought on by regulatory clarity) are likely to find much better opportunities than USTC. Again, this doesn’t spell delayed demise for the token, it just means that growth will be staggered, which could lead to subtle regression in the USTC’s price range.

This brings our TerraClassicUSD Price prediction for 2030 down between $0.05972 and $0.07206.

Potential Highs & Lows of TerraClassicUSD Coin Price

We’ve seen what roughly amounts to 3 – 4 year bull market cycles for crypto. Whether or not price appreciation is on the horizon remains to be seen but one can afford to be far more confident about 2024 than 2030. 

Though price fluctuations are expected, we can’t really estimate the degree to which we’ll see altcoins rise and fall throughout the rest of the decade. In all likelihood, regulatory clarity will dampen volatility in this space and crypto will become as pedestrian an investment as gold.

How will this affect USTC? If it remains a trader’s paradise, It could grow more volatile over time, relative to a more stable crypto market. That volatility could be further encouraged by larger personalities getting in on the token – drumming up FOMO (fear of missing out) for those who miss or missed out on crypto’s more extreme days. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the market experiences a steady climb up, as bear markets start to look more like consolidatory periods.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum
2024 $0.03169 $0.04303 $0.05437
2025 $0.04869 $0.06235 $0.07600
2030 $0.05972 $0.06589 $0.07206

What do Other Analysts Predict for TerraClassicUSD Coin?

As always, predictions vary across sites and analysts, so we’ve decided to list a few you can compare us to. A fair few below seem to predict even more volatility than we have. For example:

CoinCodex predicts a low of $0.039251 and a high of $0.041258 for 2024, an even tighter range of $0.040727 and $0.041232 for 2025 but a gaping chasm of $0.000523 and $0.076417​​ for 2030.

BTCC sees a minimum of $0.025 and a maximum of $0.030 in 2025, followed by $0.056 and $0.062​ in 2030.

SwapSpace, however, predicts a range of $0.005376 and $0.0349 in 2024, $0.01059 and $0.08447 in 2025 and $0.007224 to $0.03162​​ in 2030

CCN.com predicts $0.016 at the low end, $0.0375 in the middle and $0.065 up top for 2024. For 2025, they believe we’ll see a price no lower than $0.025 to $0.0375. But they’re shooting as high as $0.49 – blowing far past our pessimism. Only for it to drop back down to the $0.0375 and  $0.056​​ range in 2030 if it doesn’t finally reach its max price prediction of $1.03.

Binance’s predictions remain pedestrian, with $0.042169 for 2024, $0.044278 for 2025 and $0.056511 by 2030, a mere 5%

What is TerraClassicUSD Coin and What is it Used for?

TerraClassicUSD used to be known as TerraUSD (with the ticker UST). It was rebranded after its collapse in May 2022, but the stablecoin retains the same features it’s always had. Like most stablecoins, its purpose is to maintain a 1:1 peg with USD. It was also used in various yield-generating protocols, offering holders of the token opportunities to earn returns on their holdings.

Unlike most stablecoins, which are backed by fiat reserves or other assets, USTC is algorithmic – meaning it relies on programming that adjusts the supply and demand to maintain parity. A delicate dance between it and its sibling altcoin, Terra (LUNA) involved minting and burning the two tokens to help regulate the supply and demand.

Burning process of TerraClassicUSD

The Terra blockchain was founded by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon. It was built to host a variety of DeFi services, with TerraUSD as the medium of exchange. As such, it saw significant adoption and praise for its unique approach to maintaining parity with USD without large reserve pools.

Unfortunately, the collapse of May 2022 held widespread implications for the viability of algorithmic stablecoins, and the market at large. Rebranding ensued, along with the restructuring of the Terra ecosystem. With the risks of algorithmic stablecoins highlighted came increased scrutiny from regulators and investors. And with Do Kwon jailed for forging official documents, back in June, a full recovery of TerraClassicUSD seems all but impossible.

TerraClassicUSD Coin Overview

Cryptocurrency VeChain
Ticker Symbol USTC
Rank 96
Price $0.05262
Price Change 24H 404.84%
Market Cap $473M
Circulating Supply 8,976,814,201
Trading Volume 24H $1.1B
All-Time High $1.05
All-Time Low $0.006218

What Influences the Price of TerraClassicUSD?

Prior to USTC’s collapse, its price was controlled by an algorithm that would burn tokens to control the supply (and demand, subsequently) for it. This was seen as a useful method, as USTC is a stablecoin that’s designed to keep 1:1 parity with USD.

However, as stated earlier in this article, USTC’s collapse gave way to what appears to be a trading arena. In this arena, news surrounding developments and partnerships involving the token may be capitalized on to spark a short-lived bull run. Trading volume might also fluctuate due to the mere mention of USTC, with a lucky few buyers and sellers taking advantage of price action.

Altcoins are generally influenced by Bitcoin’s movements. Every 3 to 4 years, it seems we enter a bull market, with Bitcoin being the first to signal this trend. Trading volume is eventually dispersed amongst lower-ranking altcoins, typically raising their price.

Though stablecoins are typically considered altcoins, their price change is, of course, minimal. But now that USTC has lost parity with the USD, it might be free to see significant gains in the coming months – along with the rest of the altcoin market. Time will tell.

The Terra ecosystem has suffered tremendous damage to its reputation. If the bull market passes USTC by, we’ll all know why.

Is TerraClassicUSD a Buy?

Surprisingly, we’ve determined that both short and long-term gains remain a possibility for USTC. This, in part, is due to the token de-pegging from USD yet remaining a trading ground for both aspiring and seasoned “crypto-bros”.

The risk, aside from trading itself, is whether or not it will maintain the aforementioned status going into the future. This stands in the way of us recommending it as a long-term investment. Our TerraClassicUSD price forecast predicts growth – at least up to 2025 – but that depends on how similar that year’s crypto market looks to today’s. How will new regulations affect the token? We can’t answer this question, we can only speculate that with an increase in trading volume comes an increase in volatility. Buying now might improve one’s chances of taking advantage.

But, of course, there’s no better way to keep your money than steering clear of the cryptocurrency market altogether.


Various sites show a range of predictions for USTC. Some anticipate growth, while others see a decline.

It is, therefore, important to do your own research when it comes to these matters, particularly with a token as peculiar as USTC. Though we have seen a sudden appreciation in price, this level of volatility hasn’t been the norm over the past couple of years, nor does there appear to be any indication that sentiment surrounding TerraClassicUSD has sweetened.

From what we could tell, November 26th/27th’s rally was in reaction to Binance’s announcement of the USDⓈ-M ONG Perpetual Contract. A mere hours after the announcement, the price dropped sharply. We’ve determined that USTC is being traded solely as a means of making money, and that belief in its usefulness is all but diminished.

But there are other cryptocurrencies worth looking at and we’ve put together a list of the 18 Best Crypto Currencies to buy right now.


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