VeChain Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

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VeChain price prediction

Our VeChain price prediction takes a lot into consideration, as you’ll discover further in this article. Like many other projects, this blockchain is setting itself up as a global network to underpin the next industrial revolution. But real-time, frictionless data transfer between multiple parties is no longer the future. It’s happening right now. 

With projects like Hedera on the scene and many others toting similar capabilities, it’s no wonder investors in VET are still waiting to see the currency skyrocket.

VeChain Price Prediction 2024 to 2030 – Summary

  • VET opens August 3rd, 2018 at $0.015 with an $848 million market cap
  • VET’s current price is $0.02377 with a $1.53 billion market cap
  • VET is down 91.48% from its ATH (all-time high) of $0.2782
  • Our VeChain price prediction estimates a maximum $0.05388 by the end of 2024.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum
2024 $0.02281 $0.03341 $0.05388
2025 $0.05388 $0.16604 $0.27820
2030 $0.27820 $0.55640 $1.11280

VeChain Price History

VET's price history

The VeChain crypto price action this year hasn’t been eventful. The blockchain may hold institutional value but VET started out at $0.01604 to reach $0.03017 on February 22nd before dropping to a low of $0.01501 on June 18th and its lowest this year of $0.01467 on September 12th.

VET opened the year at a high of $0.08711, dropped to $0.04515 on February 22nd then climbed to $0.08252 on April 4th before beginning its long descent to $0.01599 by December 28th

That’s two consecutive years of bad-to-worse.

VeChain didn’t always have the ticker VET. The blockchain came online in 2015 as a private consortium – meaning access to it was limited to pre-selected nodes (or users). It wasn’t long, however, before VeChain became a public network in 2017, trading as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token called VEN.

When they finally launched their own mainnet on August 3rd, 2018 – adopting the ticker VET – CoinMarketCap recorded an opening price of $0.01504.

It took 19 months for VET to drop to an ATL (all-time low) of $0.001678 on March 13th, 2020. But the following spring told a different story, as VET reached its current ATH of $0.2782, a 16,527.06% jump from its ATL and a 1754.67% jump from its opening price.

Things looked promising, with predicting more upward potential, back in November 18th, 2021, when the price had dropped to $0.147 – off a high of November 11th’s price of $0.176. Like most, they believed wider adoption was on the horizon. Little did they know that $0.176 was the highest they’ll see the price close for the next 2 years.

Having bounced off the $0.01918 support line on November 22nd, it’s now risen past $0.02281. Today, it sits at $0.02377, 86.50% lower than $0.176 but 1312.86% higher than its ATL of $0.001678.


VET, like many altcoins, was swept up in the 2021 bull run. Unfortunately, like many, it has not yet recovered from the 2022 bear market – essentially flat-lining while Bitcoin seems to be climbing now. Altcoins are typically slow to begin following Bitcoin’s movements. 

Key Points in VET’s Price History:

  • VET opens August 3rd, 2018 at $0.015 with an $848 million market cap
  • VET reached an ATH of $0.2782 on April 17, 2021, 16,527.06% up from ATL
  • VET is currently down 91.48% from its ATH, at $0.02377
  • Our VET prediction estimates a high of $1.1128 by 2030.

VeChain Price Prediction 2024

Right now, the crypto market seems to be waiting for Bitcoin’s halving in April 2024 – April itself being a prediction. Despite this, Bitcoin has had a good year in 2023 so there’s a chance that higher trading volumes will reach altcoins like VET before the halving.

Our VeChain coin forecast will take into account the potential for an uptick in trading volume. If VET is pushed past $0.02586, we’ll likely see it pass $0.03017, even $0.03274. In that instance, the currency could be headed as high as $0.05388, clearly signaling a steep uptrend.

That’s notwithstanding Bitcoin’s ETFs waiting for SEC approval. With ETFs allowing exposure to BTC’s upward potential while also shielding investors from downtrends (as they don’t actually own the coin), the crypto market is likely to be flooded with new buyers. This means even higher trading volume for altcoins like VET.

As bright as the future looks, Gary Gensler (SEC Chairman) has yet to confirm whether or not he believes Ethereum is a security. Labelling it as such would cripple the altcoin space, as the sale or exchange of Ethereum would be subject to KYC procedures – registration, data disclosure etc – utterly defeating the purpose of cryptocurrencies. It is largely accepted, however, that Ethereum isn’t a security – with even William Hinman, the SEC’s former corporate finance director sharing this sentiment.

What are ETFs?

An ETF, or exchange-traded fund is one that trades on exchanges but tracks a specific index. When you invest in a Bitcoin ETF, you’re not actually in the Bitcoin commodity itself but a security that tracks the Bitcoin price. As a result, you’re left relatively safe from unfavourable price action

Bitcoin ETF trading

VeChain Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2025-2030 Predictions

Prices will continue to fluctuate throughout the rest of the decade but not because price history will indicate what’s to come. Though wider adoption is predicted, new tokens will appear on the market, further fracturing the attention of the public and, essentially, forcing sell-offs.

However, our VeChain price prediction for 2025 takes into account the likelihood of regulatory clarity. The rules around minting brand new tokens would’ve been set, agreements would’ve been made on transparency (e.g. how anonymous transactors are allowed to be) and every player in the market would have their work cut out for them.

All this and more is why price history isn’t likely to stand as an accurate representation of the market’s future. The most anyone can be sure of is price appreciation over a non-specified period of time.

The real question is, will VET breach its ATH by 2030? That’s highly likely if the market gets to enjoy another bull run. More money than ever before will pour into the market, and institutional players will have the safety of a regulatory framework to rely on as they weigh in on potential opportunities.

Breaching the ATH of $0.2782 will be monumental for VET, as that will be the first time the token’s seen a “revival” of sorts. It will prove it has a future, and investors may find themselves buying above $0.2782 just to secure a position below what they imagine new ATHs will be, over the next decade.

Some tokens, like DOGE, made a 58x leap above its initial ATH. VET is shown to be highly responsive in a bull market, perhaps similar numbers could be attained and a new price of $16 is achieved. For that to happen it must first reach $1 – and we think it’s fair to say that number is currently a psychological barrier.

Therefore, our official, optimistic VeChain price prediction for 2030 is $1.11280. The road to $16 appears to be much longer than five years.

Potential Highs & Lows of VeChain Coin Price

Bull and bear markets are hard to predict. It is widely believed that significant price appreciation is on the horizon but what will the subsequent sell-off look like? Will there even be much of a sell-off? With a global regulatory framework emerging, there’s a high possibility of large-scale sell-offs being replaced by consolidatory periods and the overall stabilisation of the crypto market – which will, in turn, make investing even more attractive, sparking another bull run directly after the consolidatory period.

Tokens like VET are set to benefit from such a scenario, especially if it’s able to pass $1 when the time comes. With this in mind, we predict the following:

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum
2024 $0.02281 $0.03341 $0.05388
2025 $0.05388 $0.16604 $0.27820
2030 $0.27820 $0.55640 $1.11280

What do Other Analysts Predict for VeChain Coin?

Many others have weighed in with their predictions, some less optimistic than others. Though it is generally understood that VET’s price correlates positively with the Big 10, the crypto space lacks certainty, so some find safety in assuming the current trend will continue.

Changelly predicts a maximum price of $0.0390 in 2024, with $0.05388 to be crossed in 2025 for a maximum of $0.0569. However, they predict a drop to $0.3373, with lows of around $0.2972

Cryptopolitan sees a higher minimum for VET at $0.03 but a lower maximum of $0.035 in 2024. 2025’s maximum is, again, lower at $0.051 and another drop to $0.33​​ by 2030

CoinCodex predicts a low of $0.019270 for VET in 2024 but a high of $0.081672. However, 2025’s low remains comparable, at $0.019242, and they don’t see it moving past $0.060292. And they predict a worse bear market for VET in 2030, estimating a low of $0.009609 and a high of just $0.020490

FinTech Insights sees a far brighter future for VET, predicting a high anywhere between $0.50 and $0.70 in 2024. They see that trajectory following through to 2025, estimating $0.80 to $1.00 and 2030 yielding a $2.00 valuation for VET

Market Realist is very bullish on VET, expecting a 3000% increase to around  $0.67410 by 2030.

What is VeChain Coin and What is it Used for?

VeChain is a crypto project focused on streamlining the global supply chain, a network that’s gone largely unchanged over the years. They exist to deliver a secure, decentralised network for large clients like PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the big four auditors in the world. PwC offers VeChain as a blockchain their clients can use to improve verification processes. Such clients include IBM, Cisco, Ford, Dell and 400+ more.

What makes their blockchain so unique is its dual-token arrangement, employing both VET and VTHO (VeThor token) to help offset gas fees. VTHO inherits its value from the VeChainThor blockchain, standing in place of VET that may have to be expended for gas fees otherwise.

Its ToolChain platform also allows more skeptical companies to keep their liquidity out of crypto and use fiat on VeChain’s blockchain. With smart contracts handling transaction fees, in that instance, ToolChain allows for frictionless use of their network in even the strictest jurisdictions.

What are “GAS Fees”? 

Gas fees simply relate to the cost of fulfilling a transaction. Compensation is required for the computing power behind processing each transaction. Therefore, the fees go to miners – users (often referred to as nodes) with the computing power to solve complicated math problems as part of validating transactions.

VeChain Coin Overview

Cryptocurrency VeChain
Ticker Symbol LINK
Rank 39
Price $0.02377
Price Change 24H 3.44%
Market Cap $1,720,375,554
Circulating Supply 72,714,516,834
Trading Volume 24H $58,892,316
All-Time High $0.2782
All-Time Low $0.001678

What Influences the Price of VeChain?

So far, it seems VET’s price is influenced almost entirely by the state of the crypto market. After the 2021 rally, the currency suffered significant losses in a downtrend that has lasted through 2022 till today.

There may be a very good reason for this. Not much is known about the token, outside its industrial use case. Large companies are typically wary of blockchain altogether but VeChain targets them almost exclusively. ToolChain solves for that but the end result is one less mega corporation buying up VET coins.

The retail market relies on institutional sentiment – they want to know what enterprises are adopting VeChain. There are many, including international level partnerships with the Chinese government, underpinning the data and financial transactions of Gui’an New Area – set to become China’s Silicon Valley. But clients at this level don’t have to worry about the price of VET as it’s not needed to take advantage of the blockchain. So, when there’s a sell-off institutions aren’t necessarily scrambling to buy the token at a discount.

Is VeChain a Buy?

Their blockchain has garnered favour with industrial giants like Kuehne & Nagel, Renault and Deutsche Bahn AG. They have proven effective and to be a much-needed player in the fourth industrial revolution.

With regulatory standards finally being set by the SEC, it’s fair to say global crypto adoption is inevitable, and coins that have already proven their use case, like VET, are likely to thrive in that environment.

VeChain’s dual-token arrangement offsets transaction fees, making it highly scaleable, and though such things as speed and cost don’t seem to matter to retail investors today, those factors certainly will when more of us are relying on this technology.

VET has a bright future, and its low price is no indication of how relevant it already is. Buy now and you’re likely to be ahead of many others yet to learn about the power of this token.


To predict the price of any commodity is a rich man’s game. No amount of analysis will ensure the outcome of ours or anyone else’s predictions. However, such thought and research exercises can help individuals determine the likelihood of a project’s survival.

In the case of any emerging market, if you’re sure about the survival of a particular enterprise – and many others are sure – you can all but guarantee price appreciation, if even only because of inflation.

On that note, there are many currencies worth looking at, so we’ve compiled a list of the 18 best cryptocurrencies to buy right now.



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