Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Wall Street Memes is a brand-new presale meme coin launched by an experienced team with a proven track record in crypto and over 1 million followers on its social media channels.

In this Wall Street Memes price prediction, we give our short and long-term price forecasts, considering various factors like its community, hype, and the team’s track record.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction – Overview

End of 2024: Based on its commendable presale hype so far, with over $800,000 raised at wallstmemes.com, we expect the WSM token price to surge following its IEO. With that in mind, our Wall Street Memes price prediction forecasts a price of $0.06 by the end of the year.
End of 2025: The project’s socials have already received Twitter engagement from Elon Musk, which may be repeated. Moreover, it is also releasing a range of Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs, showing the team is following the latest trends – which they may continue to adapt to in future years, giving them the ability to succeed long-term. Our Wall Street Memes price predictions estimates a price of $0.15 by the end of 2025.
End of 2030: Forecasting a long-term price can be difficult, particularly for newer meme coins. Nonetheless, Wall Street Memes has an already established brand which it could leverage to grow long-term. If successful, our Wall Street Memes price prediction sees $WSM reaching $0.40 over the course of the decade, a just over 10x gain from its expected listing price of $0.0337.

Wall Street Memes Price History

The Wall Street Memes presale began on 26 May 2023, raising $100K within minutes of its launch. The presale’s fiery start was likely due to it already having an established online brand and a track record in crypto.

Amid the NFT mania of 2021, the Wall St Bulls NFT Project sold out in 32 minutes and earned over $2.5 million for its founders. Following the NFT collection launch, the founders continued operating in the crypto and stocks digital space, amassing over one million followers through posting memes and other social media content.


The presale raised over $250K on its first day and over $500K in its first 48 hours. This is an impressive feat by any standards and puts Wall Street Memes in talks for the best ICO of 2023.

In confluence with its meme coin presale, the project is offering a $50K airdrop and 420 ultra-rare NFTs as Bitcoin Ordinals. Likely, these measures are only going to further the hype surrounding Wall Street Memes, with investors who miss out looking to purchase the $WSM token instead.

Wall Street Memes price prediction - tokenomics

$WSM is currently in stage two of its presale, priced at $0.253. There are 30 stages altogether, and the final stage’s price is expected to be $0.0337. There are 2 billion Wall Street Memes tokens in total, with 50% of tokens available at presale and a presale hard cap of $30,577,00.

Wall Street Memes Price History – Summary

The presale has gotten off to an explosive start, so considering its vast community and the team’s track record, the project is undoubtedly one of the most promising cryptos.

We have summarised its key points so far below.

  • It raised $500K in 48 hours, and currently $800,000 in just over 72 hours
  • The WSM price is now $0.0253, and is in its second presale round.
  • The Wall Street Memes presale hard cap is $30,577,000.
  • There are 30 presale rounds in total, and the price will incrementally increase in each.

Presale Started 26 May 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $30,577,000
Min Investment 100 $WSM
Max Investment None

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2023

One of the exciting things about the Wall Street Memes token is its tokenomics. The presale has 30 rounds, which means investors will all have different entry points.

This means that the project could have more sustainable price action post-launch, as investors profits will vary. In contrast, some previous presales have seen investors dumping immediately after its launch since the price was much higher than the presale price.


100% of $WSM tokens will be available to the community, with 50% sold at presale and the remainder allocated for liquidity and community rewards. Similarly to the presale entry points, the token allocation could contribute to more organic price action since the team will not control the supply.

In short, these two factors, combined with the project’s notable hype and established community, could lead to Wall Street Memes attaining sustained growth through 2023.

With this in mind, our Wall Street Memes price prediction estimates a price of $0.06 by the end of 2023. This would equate to a 137% price increase from its current price.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2025

Wall Street Memes has already received engagement on Twitter from Elon Musk on several occasions.

This could help Wall Street Memes become one of the best meme coins since links to Elon have caused several cryptos pump in the past.


On top of this, the Wall Street Memes community of over one million followers has already shown its strength, investing over $800K in less than three days.

With this in mind, Wall Street Memes has one of the most powerful communities of all meme coins, which could bolster its price in 2025.

Crypto YouTuber Jacob Bury also noted in a recent video that the project has 10-100x potential and could be the next meme coin to explode. He then followed that up with another video below.

While all meme coins carry risk, Wall Street Memes has a proven track record, and its recent release of a meme coin token and Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs shows the team is adaptable and remains at the cutting edge of crypto innovation and narratives.

Our Wall Street Memes price prediction forecasts a price of $0.15 by the end of 2025. This would signify a 492% increase from its current presale price.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2030

Predicting the long-term price of presale coins can be difficult, particularly for those as volatile as meme coins. However, Wall Street Memes has an established community and a team which has already proven itself in the crypto industry.

While meme coins are undoubtedly more volatile than other cryptos, Dogecoin has proven that meme coins can still hold long-term potential. Nonetheless, to succeed long-term, Wall Street Memes must continue to provide value to holders; this could potentially be through utility, turning the project into a DAO, or more community events.


The team has already shown it cares about its community, having launched a $50K airdrop in celebration of the presales release and recently dropped merch and NFTs.

However, the main factor attributing to Wall Street Memes becoming one of the best long-term cryptos is its massive online following. Community is key for meme coins, and Wall Street Memes already have a significant one.

Therefore, providing the team continue to add value to the project, our Wall Street Memes price prediction estimates a price of $0.40 by the end of 2030. This would be a 1481% increase from its current price.

Wall Street Memes Potential Highs and Lows

Investors must consider that all presales carry risk. However, Wall Street Memes has already proven itself as one of the best presales, potentially setting the tone for its future. We have summarised the potential highs and lows for the coin below.

Year Potential High Potential Low
2023 $0.06 $0.04
2025 $0.15 $0.09
2030 $0.4 $0.12

Some new meme coins have outperformed our bullish expectations above in terms of ROI, within a matter of days. Recently Pepe (PEPE), RefundCoin (RFD), Sponge (SPONGE) and others have produced over 10x returns in the space of a single week, before a pullback.

What is Wall Street Memes?

Key Points on Wall Street Memes

  • Wall Street Memes is a meme coin launched by the creators of the Wall St Bulls NFT Collection.
  • It already has over one million social media followers.
  • Elon Musk has tweeted at Wall Street Memes.

Wall Street Memes is a brand new presale meme coin launched by the founders of the Wall St Bulls NFT collection, which sold out in 32 minutes in 2021. The project already has over 1 million followers across all social media channels and has got off to an explosive start to its presale, raising $684K in less than three days.


According to its website, the Wall Street Memes crypto aims to “tokenise the movement”, referring to helping average everyday investors get rich off useless meme coins in the face of traditional finance.

The project has its roots in the 2021 GameStop bull run, where retail investors from Reddit joined forces to liquidate institutional short sellers of the GameStop stock.

Wall Street Memes is a well-known financial and crypto memes account across various social media sites, including Instagram and Twitter. It has received engagement from countless high-profile figures, including Elon Musk, and the recent token launch has caught its communities attention.

What Factors Affect the Wall Street Memes Price

Below we have listed the key factors affecting the Wall Street Memes price.


Meme coins’ prices are directly related to its community’s strength. This is part of the reason the Wall Street Memes presale has performed well so far.

With this in mind, if the community continues to grow, it will likely bolster its price.

Meme Coin Bull Market

As was seen during the recent Pepe bull run, when liquidity enters a new meme coin, it usually finds its way to others too. Therefore, we could see Wall Street Memes pump during the next meme coin bull run.

Supply and Demand

Wall Street Memes has a capped supply of 2 billion tokens. This limited supply means that if demand for the coin increases, the price of the coin could surge. However, if supply outweighs demand, then the price of the token could also drop.

Is Wall Street Memes the Best Crypto to Buy in 2024?

Considering its vast community and explosive presale, Wall Street Memes could be one of the cryptos with the highest upside potential.

Meme coins are volatile, and Wall Street Memes’ long-term plans remain unclear. The project does not feature a roadmap yet, and its team are anonymous at the time of writing.

However, it possesses a community hyper-focused on investing in stocks and crypto; its 2021 NFT sale has proved it can foster significant demand; and Elon Musk’s support could also play a vital role in the project’s success.

With that in mind, Wall Street Memes has the potential to be the best crypto to buy in 2024.

How to Buy Wall Street Memes Presale

Since Wall Street Memes is currently in its presale, investors can only purchase the $WSM token from the wallstmemes.com website. Find out how in the steps below.

Step One: Create a Software Wallet

We recommend MetaMask since it is easy to use on both PC and mobile. However, you can use any EVM- (Ethereum) compatible wallet, but we will use MetaMask for this tutorial.

Visit the MetaMask website, download the wallet to your device, and follow the setup instructions to create an account.


Step Two: Add Funds to Your Wallet

Add USDT or ETH to your wallet by paying with card (directly within your software wallet) or add fiat to your centralised exchange account and send it to your wallet.

Step Three: Visit the Presale

Visit the Wall Street Memes website, and click the “Connect Wallet” button. Next, sign the transaction when prompted by MetaMask to authorise it.


Step Four: Buy Tokens

Choose the amount of $WSM you want to buy and complete the transaction, authorising it with MetaMask when prompted.


Step Five: Claim Your Tokens

Following the presale, a token generation event (TGE) will occur. At this point, you can revisit the wallstmemes.com site and claim your tokens. Once claimed, you can find them in your wallet by importing the token’s smart contract address in MetaMask.


Wall Street Memes crypto has massive potential since it already has a vast audience. With over one million followers across all platforms, the token enables people to join the Wall Street Memes community and the culture that drives it.

Investors are currently faced with an opportunity to purchase the token at a discounted rate, but they must hurry, as the price is set to rise at the end of each presale round.


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