Xai Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

XAI price prediction

The Xai network’s launch on January 9th, 2024, still managed to grab headlines and the interest of investors, even as Bitcoin ETF speculation was running wild. This brought the spotlight onto both blockchain gaming tokens and layer 3 networks—of which Xai is both.

In this Xai price prediction, we cover exactly what Xai is, and what it can be used for, and use the information available about this network and token to make price predictions for 2024, 2025, and 2030.

Xai Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030

  • Xai was released at the beginning of 2024 and is the token for a dedicated gaming layer 3 built on the Arbitrum Ethereum rollup
  • XAI’s opening price on Binance was $0.20, and CoinMarketCap data starts with a price of $0.6767
  • Within half an hour of listing on CoinMarketCap XAI hit its all-time high (ATH) of $0.7864 before swinging down to its all-time low of $0.4531 just over 24 hours later
  • Xai is in price discovery mode and seems to have settled in a range between $0.60 and $0.70
  • Our Xai price prediction expects Xai to surpass the $1 mark in its first year, hitting a high of $1.12 on the back of game releases on the network
  • By 2030 we expect the Xai network and its token to be doing very well, and predict a high of $5 in 2030
Year Low Price Average Price High Price
2024 $0.45 $0.98 $1.12
2025 $0.7 $1.2 $1.8
2030 $1.5 $2.1 $5

Xai Price History

The Xai token was released on January 9th, 2024, at 9:30am UTC—it was initially meant to be launched over the holiday period at the end of 2023, but this launch was delayed due to health issues within the team. All-in-all 5% of the token supply will be distributed as an airdrop to early network participants, specifically the operators of Sentry Nodes and Xai network validators, along with owners of a particular Xai NFT.

Upon launch, the XAI token was made available on many of the best crypto exchanges, including Binance. Prior to the launch of the XAI token Binance users could stake other cryptocurrencies to earn XAI tokens.

The Xai token price upon being listed on Binance was $0.20. Data on CoinMarketCap for Xai has an initial price of $0.6767, after which the token rose quickly, hitting its ATH of $0.7864 within half an hour.

The Xai crypto price then proceeded to decline 42.4% in just over 24 hours to hit its all-time low of $0.4531. Since then the Xai token price has risen and seems to have found an initial short-term range between $0.60 and $0.70. However, price discovery is still ongoing with this coin that launched just over 48 hours ago.

Xai Price History Summary

  • Launched on January 9th, 2024, Xai’s opening price on the Binance exchange was $0.20
  • On CoinMarketCap Xai’s first price, aggregated from across all platforms, was $0.6767
  • Within 30 minutes XIA jumped up to hit its ATH of $0.7864
  • Xai’s price then steadily declined to hit its all-time low of $0.4531 a little more than 24 hours after hitting its ATH
  • At the time of writing, the Xai token price has settled into an initial short-term range between $0.60 and $0.70—but price discovery is still ongoing

XAI All-Time Price Chart

Xai Price Prediction 2024

With the approval of all 11 Bitcoin ETF applications by the SEC at the beginning of the year, 2024 is set to be an interesting year for cryptocurrencies. Our Xai price prediction for 2024 will look at the impact of developments in the Xai ecosystem, scheduled on the Xai roadmap, along with the impact of goings-on in the wider world.

It is worth remembering here that, at the time of writing, the Xai token price is still in its discovery period. However, that doesn’t prevent us from using all the available information to create an Xai token forecast.

Q1 2024

The Xai network officially launched in Q1 of 2024, on January 9th—just after the XAI token airdrop was launched. The Xai roadmap for Q1 of 2024 shows that this quarter is mainly for preparing the mainnet to receive its first game in Q2, with the deployment of numerous fundamental utilities to Xai, along with bridge partners and marketplace partners. Announcements of these successful developments will have a positive impact on the Xai token price.

In the wider crypto market, 2024 started on the high of Bitcoin ETF approvals. This prompted many top altcoins to rise in price, potential on speculation that they could be the next cryptocurrency ETF to find its way onto the traditional finance market.

Q2 2024

Q2 of 2024 is when the first game—Final Form, a fully on-chain trading card game—will launch on the Xai network. The Xai roadmap also states that two of the industry’s leading game developers will deploy to the Xai network, with one deploying their entire portfolio of games to the network. Who these partners are is currently unknown, and the reveal of the names and the subsequent publicity of their activities is almost sure to drive interest in the Xai token and, therefore, its price.

Zooming out to the wider cryptocurrency world there is the Bitcoin Halving event, which is due to take place in Q2 of 2024. While price action is, historically, subdued around the event itself this year could be different, with the approval of ETFs opening Bitcoin to a whole new basket of institutional capital. Any effect this has on the Bitcoin price could also affect altcoins, as their prices typically follow in the wake of Bitcoin’s price changes.

Looking even further out at the macroeconomic picture, the Federal Reserve is expected to cut interest rates at least 3 times in 2024. The first of such hikes is expected at the end of Q1 or in Q2. These cuts are often seen as a sign for investors to move into move volatile assets, like cryptocurrencies—potentially renewing interest and vigor in the asset class, which could positively impact a wide array of coins.

Q3 and Q4 2024

By Q3 of 2024 there will be at least one game on Xai, and two gaming companies moving their products onto the network. As the use of the network, and its popularity, increases so will demand for the Xai token, having a positive effect on its price. However, 50.1% of the supply of XAI is reserved to be distributed to “Nodes, community & DAC”, increasing the available supply and potentially increasing sell pressure on the token.

The tokens allocated to the team and initial investors, totaling 42.4% of supply, are also due to begin unlocking at the beginning of Q3—potentially putting downward pressure on the price.

In the wider world, Fed interest rate cuts are expected continue into this latter part of the year, potentially helping to fuel growth in the cryptocurrency market.

Xai 2024 Price Prediction Summary

  • Our Xai price prediction for 2024 is, overall, very positive
  • The launch of the network’s first games, along with existing developers moving their products over to the network all bode well for increased token demand
  • The Bitcoin Halving event, coupled with new Bitcoin ETFs giving institutional money access to the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, could have a positive price impact across the cryptocurrency charts
  • The occurrence of the expected Federal Reserve interest rate increases could have a positive effect on the crypto markets
  • On the other side of the coin, the circulating supply of Xai is going to continue increasing throughout the year, putting consistent downward pressure on the token price

Our Xai price forecast for 2024 is summarized in the table below:

2024 Price Prediction
Low $0.45
Average $0.98
High $1.12

Xai Price Prediction 2025

The current Xai roadmap ends in July 2024, offering little in the form of information for a Xai coin forecast. However, we do know that 4 other games are being developed on the network, and gamers are likely to be onboarding for the games already launched on the network and those in development.

If these games prove a hit, and other developers continue to develop on the Xai network, demand for the Xai token will increase. However, there will still be tokens being emitted to the community, team, and initial investors, putting downward pressure on the Xai price.

In the wider cryptocurrency world, historical price data shows that the price effect of Bitcoin Halving events is felt 12–18 months after the Halving event happens—with Bitcoin and many other altcoins hitting new ATHs in this period. If historic trends are followed again then the price of Xai will benefit from gains in other areas of the market.

If all the positives come to fruition we expect Xai to hit a high of $1.80. However, our Xai price prediction for 2025 includes a low of $0.70 as downward pressure on the token price comes from token sell-offs by the team and early investors. We also predict an average price of $1.20 for Xai in 2025.

Xai Token Distribution Chart

Xai Price Forecast Long Term Outlook – 2030 Predictions

When we look as far out as 2030 our vision becomes cloudier as there is less certainty about what will happen between now and then. However, we can use forecasts, and knowledge of some events that will happen, to make a Xai price prediction for 2030.

Firstly, the blockchain gaming market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 60% by 2030. This staggering rate of growth is a huge positive for the Xai price, and if the Xai network can establish itself as one of the premier gaming blockchains then it would be set to see huge growth over this period.

The number of circulating XAI tokens will have grown immensely by this point, with token emissions having much less of an effect on token price. All gas fees are paid in Xai and burned, which, by 2030 when we predict the network to be popular and widely used, will put upward pressure on the price of XAI.

Finally, if the price action of Bitcoin stays true to the historic 4 year cycles that have been observed so far, 2030 is when we could be coming down from highs resulting from the Bitcoin Halving event in 2028.

All-in-all the build-up to 2030 looks to be a positive time for the XAI token and our 2030 price prediction has a potential high of $5 (should everything go perfectly with the growth of the network and increasing popularity of blockchain gaming), a low of $1.50, and a median price of $2.10.

Potential Highs & Lows of Xai Coin Price

Below is a summary of our Xai price predictions for the coming years:

Year Low Price Average Price High Price
2024 $0.45 $0.98 $1.12
2025 $0.7 $1.2 $1.8
2030 $1.5 $2.1 $5

What do Other Analysts Predict for Xai Coin?

Xai’s launch and airdrop has prompted some great excitement around the crypto industry, and it started trending straight away. Here are what some other analysts say about the future price of Xai.

The Coin Edition website predicts that XAI could hit $1.5 at some point early in its existence. However, they also predict a low of $0.5.

On BeInCrypto, writer Valerian Tahiri predicts a high of $0.865304 in 2025, a low of $0.0729865, and an average price of $0.752438.

The OvenAdd platform predicts that XAI will climb above a dollar per coin in 2025, and trade in a range between $3.54 and $3.82 in 2030.

In their Xai price prediction, DigitalCoinPrice expects Xai to hit a maximum valuation of $1.40 in 2024, and trade between $1.36 and $1.62 in 2025.

The Crowd Wisdom website offers aggregate predictions for XAI price, expecting it to go above $5 in 2030 and hit $5.44.

What is Xai Coin and What is it Used For?

The XAI coin is the native currency of the layer 3 blockchain Xai, which was custom-developed to solve the problems of scaling Web3 gaming.

The Xai blockchain is built on top of the Arbitrum layer 2, which is built on top of the world’s #2 blockchain by market cap, Ethereum. It was developed by Offchain Labs, the developers of the Arbitrum optimistic rollup—Xai is also an optimistic rollup.

Offchain Labs will continue the development of the Xai roadmap, along with any further development required afterward by the rollup’s overseer, the Xai Foundation.

Xai Homepage

What are Rollups, Layer 2s, and Layer 3s?

One of the big struggles for blockchains is their ability to scale while also staying secure and remaining decentralized—a problem called the blockchain trilemma.

Each block has a data limit, called block space, and as more users start using existing blockchains, like Ethereum (a Layer 1 blockchain), demand for that block space increases, meaning that gas costs increase as people increase the amount of gas they’re paying to get their transactions onto the blockchain in a timely manner.

To solve this problem developers have created blockchains-within-blockchains, commonly called rollups. These rollups are part of a wider category of layer 2s that are being developed to solve the scaling issues of popular layer 1 blockchains.

Rollups condense their block data (all the transactions in that block) down into a small piece of information and post it onto the layer 1 as a single transaction. This increases the number of transactions that can be included in a block, along with the speed at which transactions can be processed, while also greatly decreases the cost for users.

Layer 3 blockchains are rollups built on top of layer 2 blockchains. These are often custom designed for a specific purpose, like Xai is custom designed for gaming. Another common use case attributed to layer 3s is as a way to facilitate communications between different blockchains.

The Problems that Xai Solves

The user experience in games is expected to benefit hugely from blockchain gaming, and there are many games being developed on blockchains right now. However, there are many issues with Web3 gaming that are yet to be addressed, which are preventing many gamers from moving to Web3 games. These issues include:

  • The necessity to constantly interact with games through wallets
  • High and/or unpredictable transaction fees
  • Monetary focus in the game’s design (because of tokenization)
  • Complex and confusing game economics

The Xai blockchain aims to solve these issues and create a blockchain where players and the game’s developers can have and build fantastic blockchain gaming experiences where the blockchain element of the game is undetectable. To do this Xai has implemented novel aspects that focus on improving the gamer’s experience:

  • Abstraction wallets and accounts, recovered using social accounts and/or emails—not seed phrases
  • Integrating wallet management into the backend of the game, meaning players don’t have to handle wallets (implemented through a partnership with thirdweb)
  • A “gas subsidy” contract, which games deploy to Xai and allows for gas fees to be subsidized by the network
  • Simplifying in-game economics
  • Increasing gas and contract limits for developers

By implementing all this in a purpose-built rollup, Xai aims to empower game developers to create imaginative and entertaining games that existing gamers want to play—even if they are averse to the idea of blockchain technology in games.

Partnerships to Help Drive Success

To drive innovation and produce the best possible experience for gamers the Xai Foundation has made a number of partnerships. These include the aforementioned partnerships with Offchain Labs to continue the development of the Xai network and thirdweb to provide seamless wallet integration for games and gamers.

In addition to this, the Xai Foundation has also partnered with the Web3 gaming company Ex Populus, which is spearheaded by veterans from big gaming development companies such as Activision, Blizzard, and Ubisoft. Ex Populus is developing the first two games for the Xai network, Final Form (trading card game) and LAMOverse (third-person shooter).

The first of these, Final Form, is expected to be released in April 2024 and three other games have already been announced—although development is yet to commence on them.

Games Developed for Xai Network

The Uses and Utility of Xai Token

The Xai token was first issued through an airdrop on January 9th, 2024, as it was made claimable by a variety of members of the Xai ecosystem and testnet.

The Xai token can be stored in any Ethereum wallet that is compatible with the Arbitrum layer 2.

The Xai token is the utility token of the Xai ecosystem and it has three different use cases:

  • As the gas token of the Xai network
  • As rewards for validator nodes for validating transactions for the network
  • As the primary token within the Xai gaming ecosystem, accepted as a form of payment for games and in-game items

All gas fees are paid in Xai and these are burned, with a total supply of 2.5 billion Xai tokens, making Xai a deflationary token. 50.1% of the token supply is also earmarked for “Nodes, Community, and DAC” meaning they will be distributed to members and supporters of the Xai ecosystem.

Xai Coin Overview

Cryptocurrency Xai
Ticker Symbol XAI
Rank #262
Price $0.6436
Price Change 24H 38.33%
Market Cap $178,364,292
Circulating Supply 277,118,150 XAI
Trading Volume 24H $284,606,241
All Time High $0.7864
All Time Low $0.4531

What Influences the Price of Xai?

As with all cryptocurrencies, the price of the Xai token is influenced by factors inside its own ecosystem and those in the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem. Here we cover the most important ones.

  • Partnerships: There are two partnerships on the roadmap—with leading game developers who plan to migrate their content to the Xai blockchain—that are yet to be announced. When announced, these are likely to positively affect the token price. Other announcements of partnerships within the gaming ecosystem—be that Web2 or Web3—are also likely to fuel price action.
  • Game Releases: With 5 games already in development we can expect that the release of each game, or announcement of a release date, will result in a bump in token price. Any existing big gaming titles announcing a move to the Xai network are also likely to fuel positive price action.
  • Roadmap: The current Xai roadmap only runs until July 2024, this leaves a lot of room for speculation, but also means that, at some point in the future, there will likely be a new roadmap released to the public which is sure to drive excitement around the Xai token.
  • Token Supply: As time passes by more and more Xai tokens are released, increasing the supply and potentially putting downward pressure on the price of XAI. However, all gas fees on the network are paid in Xai and are also burned. Once all tokens are released this will have a deflationary effect on token supply, which typically helps to put upward pressure on the token price.
  • Web3 Gaming Developments: The blockchain gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 60% between 2023 and 2032, which is an astounding level of growth. As it does so there will be some big announcements and moments that will see investors and speculators jump into, or maybe out of, gaming-focused cryptocurrencies. With Xai predicted to be one of the most prominent gaming tokens, its price will feel the impact of these moves.
  • Crypto Adoption: As adoption in cryptocurrencies grows, a larger number of investors and speculators will dig deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies, past the Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains, until they find chains and tokens like Xai. Crypto adoption also means more genuine users for these networks and an increase in utility, which will help to drive the desire for tokens.
  • Crypto Regulation: Big steps forward, or backward, regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies will inevitably affect the price of tokens. This effect is felt most in the biggest of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, but those more niche cryptocurrencies with much smaller market caps, like Xai, can also feel the effects of these news items—especially if they’re market specific, e.g., crypto gaming regulations.

Is Xai a Buy?

With the blockchain gaming market predicted to see explosive growth over the next 6-8 years, it seems sensible to say that the Xai token—the native currency of a dedicated gaming blockchain, built as a Layer 3 on top of Arbitrum, one of Ethereum’s most popular rollups—is a definite buy.

However, those looking to trade it in the short to medium term should expect quite a high level of volatility as tokens continue to be released over the next few years, putting downward pressure on the price that may be too much when the good news announcements and releases finally let up.

That being said, the continuing maturation of the cryptocurrency market, the adoption of cryptocurrencies by traditional investors, and the steady implementation of crypto regulations around the world are critical to the success of blockchain technology in monetizing markets like gaming—and this is something that those looking to hold Xai for the long term should keep in mind.

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ByBit Exchange

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Xai is a hot new commodity in the cryptocurrency gaming world, with its very own blockchain dedicated to improving the blockchain gaming experience for developers and gamers alike.

With upcoming releases already in the pipeline and scheduled for this year, does Xai make it onto our list of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024?



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