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Passive income with up to 20% monthly returns

XETA Genesis is an innovative way of connecting traditional finance (TradFi) and Web3 decentralized finance (DeFi) to bring high returns to investors of up to 20% per month currently. The high-frequency trading algorithms that work across traditional financial markets such as forex, gold futures, gold ETFs and other precious metals are the reason for these extraordinary returns.

Investors who want to participate in this project use USDC to buy Genesis accounts or to create Genesis pools via the Avalanche or Ethereum blockchains. Genesis accounts start from $250, while Genesis pools from $10,000. This makes it an option worth considering for anyone looking to earn passive returns.


  • Over $44 million returned to investors
  • Average return of 20% per month
  • Multiple investment options, starting from $250


  • $25 monthly membership fee for Genesis accounts
  • 2.5% monthly management fee of the principal amount for Genesis pools
  • Your funds will be forfeited if you fail to pay the monthly fee

Our XETA Genesis review goes through all the details of this project to help you understand what it’s all about.

What is XETA Genesis?

XETA Genesis is a DeFi project that utilizes high-frequency trading in traditional markets such as forex, gold ETFs, gold futures and other precious metals to realize gains for investors. Some of its trading strategies are designed to make small gains in the forex market using a technical trading system based on moving averages, momentum oscillators, support and resistance price levels and price patterns.

So far, this strategy has proven successful as XETA has been around for over a year and has consistently returned up to 20% each month to investors. Granted, the project moved through multiple phases, one of which used an XETA token. Today, the process is streamlined and you can only invest and withdraw USDC, which is immune to price fluctuations and you can easily see how much you invested and how much you’ve earned back.

xeta genesisThe project started as XETA Capital back in July 2022 by Gavin Minty and a user with an X handle @Shotime2kX. So far, XETA Genesis has over 15,000 followers on X and around 2,000 Discord members, which shows the project is still in its infancy even though it’s over one year old.

How Does XETA Genesis Work?

To participate in XETA Genesis you need a crypto wallet like MetaMask. That’s because you can only connect to the XETA Genesis platform either on the Ethereum or the Avalanche blockchain, both of which are supported by MetaMask. However, Avalanche is typically a better option due to lower transaction costs than Ethereum.

Connect your crypto wallet to XETA Genesis to get access to its features. There are two options to participate: via accounts or pools.

Genesis Accounts

Genesis accounts are considered membership accounts, meaning you’re purchasing a membership account instead of investing in the project. Accounts are designed for smaller investors as they are three membership price levels: $250, $500 and $1,000 USDC.

xeta genesis accountsAs a XETA Genesis account member, you get up to 20% return per 28-day cycle, which is when you can make withdrawals. After one year has passed, your account will expire and you will have to open a new account if you want to continue being a member.

On the downside, there’s a $25 monthly maintenance fee and a 2.5% withdrawal fee. Also, you can’t withdraw your principal with Genesis accounts, only the returns. Note, if you fail to pay the $25 monthly membership fee, your account will be closed and your funds will be forfeited. 

So let’s say you want to buy a $1,000 USDC account. Our XETA Genesis review shows you can double your investment within a year if the returns remain stable each XETA cycle.

Here’s what that would look like:

  1. Connect your crypto wallet and purchase a $1,000 account.
  2. Wait for 28 days to pass to make your first withdrawal of up to 20%.
  3. Suppose the monthly return was 20%, you would have $200 to withdraw.
  4. There is a $25 monthly fee and a 2.5% withdrawal fee, which would leave you with around $170 to withdraw.
  5. After 12 months have passed, your account expires and there is nothing to withdraw.
  6. If the returns were consistent at, say 20%, for 12 months, you would have withdrawn a total of around $2,000 minus fees, which makes for a 100% return on investment in one year.

XETA Genesis Pools

XETA Genesis pools, which are part of the XETA Fund (XF), are a different breed. They come with different rules and sizes and they return up to 20% compounding per month.

Genesis pools come in several fixed sizes:

  • $10,000 with up to 5% monthly return
  • $50,000 with up to 10% monthly return
  • $100,000 with up to 15% monthly return
  • $250,000+ with up to 20% monthly return

Genesis poolGenesis pools also come with fees and 28-day withdrawal windows. Each withdrawal will set you back 2.5% every time and you’ll pay a management fee each month of 2.5% of the principal balance. With pools, you can withdraw your principal, whereas with accounts you can’t.

In this XETA Genesis review, we’ve done the math for you. Suppose you choose to deposit $10,000 in a Genesis pool. Here’s how that would look:

  1. Connect your best Ethereum wallet and purchase any Genesis account.
  2. Create a Genesis pool with $10,000 and wait for 28 days to start withdrawing your returns.
  3. Withdraw up to 5% monthly, which compounds or wait 84 days after you create your pool to withdraw your principal and your returns.
  4. Suppose the monthly return was 5%, you would have $500 to withdraw.
  5. There is a 2.5% monthly fee of the principal balance and a 2.5% withdrawal fee, which would leave you with around $243.
  6. Alternatively, you don’t withdraw anything and let your money compound.
  7. After 12 months have passed, your account doesn’t expire, you can choose to keep holding or withdraw your principal and any funds you haven’t withdrawn yet.
  8. If the returns were consistent at, say 5%, for 12 months, and you withdrew every month, you would have $2,900 plus the $10,000 principal.
  9. If you let your 5% monthly returns compound and withdrew everything at 12 months, you would have around $16,000.

Genesis Accounts vs Genesis Pools

Both Genesis accounts and Genesis pools share many similarities, including the monthly fees and withdrawal fees. However, there are differences in compounding returns and principal withdrawals.

For example, you can’t withdraw your principal from a Genesis account but you can withdraw it from a pool. Also, if you don’t withdraw your 28-day returns from a Genesis account, it won’t compound until the next 28-day cycle. With pools, you can leave your returns within the account and your next monthly return would be higher due to compounding.

Genesis accounts Genesis pools
Monthly fee $25 2.5% of the principal amount
Monthly returns Up to 20% Up to 20%
Withdrawal fees 2.5% 2.5%
Can withdraw principal No Yes
Compounds each month No Yes
Funds are forfeited if monthly fees are unpaid Yes Yes

What Can You Invest in on XETA Genesis?

Technically, you don’t invest in anything with XETA Genesis. Instead, you purchase membership accounts or create pools with USDC, and XETA does the investing on your behalf on precious metals and foreign exchange using high-frequency trading algorithms.

In its XETA Black pitch deck, the team dived deeper into its trading strategy. They shared that the goal in the forex market was to capture smaller moves, given how leverage is commonly used in forex. The team also claim to have a 95% accuracy in their signals, as well as a 68% to 294% return with a compounded maximum of 871% on their XAU/USD (gold) strategy over the last six years.

What Returns Can You Expect?

The returns with XETA Genesis have so far been consistent at around 20% per month. This, of course, depends on whether you have Genesis accounts or pools, and how much you invested in the pools.

Market conditions frequently change and your returns may vary, which is another aspect to consider when looking at potential returns. Also, no one really knows how long the team can produce these returns, or how long anyone can beat the market. For example, Terra Luna was one of the largest crypto ecosystems with over $60 billion in market cap, yet it failed after four years since its inception.

With the current returns of up to 20% each month, you can expect a return on investment in around six months with Genesis accounts — if the returns remain stable, of course. And up to 50% ROI of a $10,000 Genesis pool if you let it compound. The larger pools come with higher ROI, though.

Make sure you do your own due diligence and never invest more than you are willing to lose given how market conditions can change fast.

XETA Genesis Fees & Commissions

To earn up to 20% monthly you have to pay fees. Depending on whether you go with Genesis accounts or Genesis pools there are different monthly fees to be paid. 

Genesis account Genesis pool
$25 monthly fee 2.5% monthly fee of the principal balance
2.5% withdrawal fee 2.5% withdrawal fee

Unfortunately, the fees aren’t deducted from your account and your returns. You would have to manually pay your fees each month or have enough money to cover the fees in your crypto wallet. This is something to keep in mind if you’re investing in pools with higher amounts.

For example, if you invest $50,000, your monthly management fee is $1,250. Make sure you have the amount in your wallet to pay the fees to avoid having your funds lost.

XETA Genesis Minimum Investment Amounts

You can invest as little as $250 USDC for a Genesis account. This comes with up to 20% monthly return, which you can withdraw every 28 days. There is no compounding and at the end of 12 months, your account expires.

There’s no principal to withdraw after 12 months. Instead, everything you earn, including the principal and interest, is withdrawn in 28-day cycles for 12 months. If returns remain stable at 20% each month, you could double your account within six months.

With Genesis pools, the minimum investment amount is $10,000. This comes with up to a 5% monthly return, which compounds if you don’t withdraw within a 28-day window.

Keep in mind, Genesis accounts and Genesis pools come with monthly fees — a $25 monthly membership fee for Genesis accounts and a 2.5% monthly management fee of the principal balance for Genesis pools. You need to have the amount in your wallet to pay the monthly fee or the funds in your account will be forfeited. 

XETA Genesis Dashboard & User Experience

XETA Genesis offers a streamlined dashboard where you can easily see your Genesis accounts and pools. This is a single page where you can purchase new accounts, pay monthly fees and withdraw your funds during a XETA cycle.

You can also see your withdrawal history and get further account details on your account’s performance.

xeta dashboard

Is XETA Genesis Legit?

XETA is co-founded by its CEO Gavin Minty and the CCO with an X handle @Shotime2kX. Even though they aren’t completely doxxed, they frequently appear on XETA’s YouTube videos where users can ask questions.

According to XETA’s latest AMA video, the team said that XETA Genesis is the official beginning of the product, after testing the waters with XETA Black and XETA Blue. Now the company is called XETA Ltd. and is based in Belize. Previously, the company was called XETA Capital, which was registered in the US, according to Crunchbase.

XETA has been around since 2022 and you can find some of the members’ testimonials on the XETA Discord group.

Xeta discord

Customer Support

XETA doesn’t have official customer support in terms of live chat on their website yet. What it does have, however, is a dedicated team of mods and members on its Discord server where you can ask questions and get answers 24/7. You can even directly contact the team behind XETA on Discord.

Alternatively, you can contact XETA on X

If you want to learn more about XETA Genesis, you can schedule a consultation with a XETA team member.

xeta consulation


XETA Genesis is an innovative way of investing with USDC stablecoin into a project that does high-frequency trading in traditional markets such as foreign exchange and precious metals.

Individual returns come up to 20% each month at the moment, which is impressive, given how XETA has been around for over a year and consistently made high returns during that time.

However, just as with any cryptocurrency investment, know that the market is highly volatile and things can change fast. Never invest more than you are willing to lose.


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