Wireframe Modeling

What Does Wireframe Modeling Mean?

Wireframe modeling is the process of visual presentation of a three-dimensional or physical object used in 3-D computer graphics. It is an abstract edge or skeletal representation of a real-world 3-D object using lines and curves. Because each object that makes up a wireframe model must be independently drawn and positioned, this type of modeling can be extremely time-consuming.


Techopedia Explains Wireframe Modeling

Wireframe modeling plays an important role in matching a 3-D drawing model to its reference. It allows a creator to see the reference through the model as well as match the vertex points so they are in alignment with the desired reference. Wireframe modeling is a quick and easy way to demonstrate concepts. Creating a fully detailed, properly mapped mockup for a concept can be extremely time consuming, and if it does not match what was envisioned for the project, all that time and effort was wasted. Using wireframe modeling, one can cut short the detailed work and present a very basic model that is easy to create and is understandable by others.


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