Wireless Firewire

What Does Wireless Firewire Mean?

Wireless FireWire is a wireless communication standard that enables FireWire-powered devices to communicate wirelessly. It is a high-speed data transfer standard conceived by the 1394 trade association to be used as an enhancement or alternative to the previously wired FireWire standard.

Wireless FireWire is also known as wireless 1394 because it is based on the communication standard IEEE 1394.


Techopedia Explains Wireless Firewire

Wireless FireWire is primarily a wireless implementation to the FireWire protocol and its associated devices. It is generally found in consumer end devices such as cameras, camcorders, printers and televisions. It allows FireWire enabled devices and peripherals to wirelessly communicate, interact and transfer data with the computer, Wi-Fi networks and other FireWire-enabled devices. Wireless FireWire uses the IEEE 1394 standard to communicate wirelessly within an 802.15.3 enabled wireless personal area network (WPAN).



Wireless 1394

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