Lotus Word Pro

What Does Lotus Word Pro Mean?

Lotus Word Pro is word-processing desktop application that runs on Microsoft Windows-compatible computers. The software was created and is distributed by IBM’s Lotus Software group and can also be run on IBM OS/2 Warp. It is a modified version of the first-ever word-processing software, AMI.


Techopedia Explains Lotus Word Pro

Word Pro can be obtained as part of the Lotus SmartSuite office suite. It has a file extension of .lwp. This file format can be converted to the Rich Text Format (RTF) or MS Word document (.docx or .doc) format, as well as to other file formats. The list of supported formats can be found in the “Save As” dialog, which can be opened by clicking on it in the “File” menu. The file format is also compatible with any version of MS Word.


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