What Does Workgroup Mean?

A workgroup is a peer-to-peer network using Microsoft software. A workgroup allows all participating and connected systems to access shared resources such as files, system resources and printers.


Techopedia Explains Workgroup

Advantages of a workgroup :

  • Usually designed for small local area networks such as schools, homes or small businesses. Easy to install and configure.
  • Function best and with fewer computers.
  • Is easier to set up and configure than a domain.
  • All content and resources can be shared with peers in the network.
  • Setting up a workgroup name is independent of any hardware dependencies.
  • Microsoft operating system provides resources for setting up workgroup.The workgroup settings are provided in the properties window in the Microsoft operating system.The Net command also can be used for obtaining information on the workgroup.
  • Larger networks can be categorized into workgroups, which helps in better management.

Disadvantages of workgroup:

  • The security measures provided in a workgroup are not as strong as those for a domain.
  • Workgroups are not suggested for sensitive data, transmitting networks, nor business network.
  • There is no centralized management of the resources unlike the domain network.

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