Z Object Publishing Environment

What Does Z Object Publishing Environment Mean?

The Z Object Publishing Environment (Zope) is an open-source set of tools for publishing that treats process components as dedicated "objects." This technology features an object database and other utilities that work with relational database systems to deliver content through an open-source, custom-created platform.


Techopedia Explains Z Object Publishing Environment

Zope is written in Python and works with Oracle, SyBase and mySQL. The guiding group, the Zope Corp., was formed in 1995. It has since become a private company with close relations to the creators of the Python language.

One goal of Zope, according to some of its proponents, is to promote an alternative to "packaged" content management systems. Using tools like the Z4M Mobile Reporter (a mobile client), the Z4M Broadcast (a content publication system), as well as the ZRS Replication Services, users can develop content management and publishing solutions independent of large commercial vendors. Some features of Zope including a "drag-and-drop layout" allow for more independent design in an open-source environment. One way to describe the evolution of Zope is that the open-source developer base has built different Web frameworks that work differently but have the same underlying philosophy and similar code bases.


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