Forms Processing

What Does Forms Processing Mean?

Forms processing is a term used for describing the conversion of hard data into electronic form. Forms processing typically denotes an imaging method that converts printed forms to an electronic format, and then hand-written information is extracted from them using highly sensitive algorithms. Forms processing significantly decreases time and effort required to enter hardcopy data forms into databases.


Techopedia Explains Forms Processing

Manual data entry of large amounts of data is cumbersome and often takes substantial time and manpower. Forms processing is a solution to manual data entry for large surveys and applications with powerful handwriting recognition algorithms and case-sensitive functions. The software scans the hard file and converts it into an electronic form for further processing. Handwritten parts are identified and extracted; this information is translated using recognition tools. The information is often used for forecasting various businesses or services. Big data analysis is not just confined to online data, but the introduction of forms processing has enabled researchers to process raw information from live users as well.


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