Mobile Code

What Does Mobile Code Mean?

Mobile code is any program, application, or content capable of movement while embedded in an email, document or website. Mobile code uses network or storage media, such as a Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive, to execute local code execution from another computer system. The term is often used in a malicious context, mobile code creates varying degrees of computer and system damage. Mobile code is usually downloaded via the body of an HTML email or email attachment.


Mobile code is also known as executable content, remote code and active capsules.

Techopedia Explains Mobile Code

Malicious mobile code infects hard drives, resulting in rapid code replication. Malicious mobile code often attaches to Web software requiring a plug-in for download (such as ActiveX, Flash or JavaScript) or is embedded in an infected website. For example, a user visits a website to download seemingly harmless content, like a song. If the song is infected and then executed, the infection spreads to the user’s computer.


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