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What Does Resource Kit Mean?

A Microsoft Resource Kit is a set of resources that provide support for major Microsoft products. Microsoft offers resource kits for products such as operating systems, office suites and other kinds of major licensed software most commonly used by businesses and individual users.


Techopedia Explains Resource Kit

Resource kits are used for different things like troubleshooting software, configuring it for optimal use and managing things like database connections and the deployment of software features. Many of these resource kits have information for categories like desktop management, system troubleshooting and deployment. Resource kits can help with performance management, server management, Internet services, registry management, etc. Some even offer information on running accessory software such as report generators or other tools.

The idea of a software resource kit is related to the critical support that users need for complicated pieces of software. In the world of open-source freeware or other types of unconventional licensed software, research on performance and other issues may be more decentralized. Users may not have as much support or may have different types of support. But under the Microsoft umbrella, the resource kit is a core part of providing extensive support to a wide audience of customers.


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