Blu-Ray Disc Recordable

What Does Blu-Ray Disc Recordable Mean?

A Blu-ray disc recordable (BD-R) is a Blu-ray disc which can have data written to it
only once. A subcategory of BD-Rs is Blu-ray disc recordable erasable (BD-RE), which can be
recorded and erased as many times as required. As the name suggests, both disc
types are based on the Blu-ray technology which have much higher storage capacity than regular compact discs (CDs). Blu-ray technology came into the market around the
mid-2000s, and slowly started to become accepted as the standard storage solution for
high-quality audio and video.


Techopedia Explains Blu-Ray Disc Recordable

unique feature at the core of Blu-ray technology is that instead of the red
lasers that are used for regular CDs or DVDs to record video and audio, it
uses the blue rays. These blue rays are much smaller and more precise, and therefore allow for much more data storage within the same amount of physical space. BD-R capacity ranges from 25 GB to 128 GB, whereas the capacity of a CD-R is typically 650 MB to 700 MB, and that of DVD-Rs is 4.7 GB to 8.5 GB. BD-Rs are still more expensive than other forms of recordable media, so are typically only used when a high data capacity is required. The minimum speed of data recording in Blu-ray discs is 36
megabits (4.5 megabytes) per second.


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