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What Does Eye-Fi Mean?

Eye-Fi memory cards and devices allow for the wireless
transmission of pictures or other data from a camera device. The term Eye-Fi is
also used to describe the company of the same name that produces these types of
cards and media devices.


Eye-Fi cards are also known as Wi-Fi enabled SD cards or simply Wi-Fi SD cards.

Techopedia Explains Eye-Fi

With an Eye-Fi card, someone can click a picture on a digital camera and send it wirelessly to a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This solves an important problem in consumer electronics: previously, users had to hang onto USB cables or physically insert smart cards into computer ports to get the images where they needed to go. This is, in part, why smartphones started to take over as cameras – because of the significant burden of moving camera media from the camera to data transmission devices.

As a type of game-changing media, Eye-Fi is a popular way to take pictures on the camera and send to some other destination, the way that one can with a smartphone. However, some reviewers have suggested Eye-Fi can improve the read and write speeds of the media and other features. Eye-Fi also has desktop software that helps to route photos to intended destinations, or store them for users.


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