HD Ready

What Does HD Ready Mean?

HD ready, in video and television technology, refers to a standard whereby a display device (usually a television) is able to handle a high-definition (HD) video signal of 1080 lines of data on the screen. The HD-ready classification can be applied if an HD tuner is built into an HD television, without the need to attach an external box for this specific function.


Techopedia Explains HD Ready

The standard of HD ready varies in Europe and America. In Europe, an industry association called EICTA (now known as DIGITALEUROPE) defined the term HD ready in 2005. According to this definition, a television, or any other display device, is said to be HD ready if it is capable of handling 720 lines of data across the screen, meaning it must have a resolution of at least 720. Whereas the resolution standard for HD ready in the US is 1080.

HD ready is often confused with full HD, which is just a marketing term and does not provide any actual specifications for display devices.


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