What Does MiniSD Mean?

A MiniSD is a type of flash memory storage card that is used for storing information and media files. They are chiefly used in mobile phones, cameras and other handheld gadgets. MiniSD cards are 21.5 × 20 × 1.4 mm and generally provide 16 MB to 256 MB of storage. They are 37% the size of a regular SD card with same performance and features.


Techopedia Explains MiniSD

After the sweeping success of SD cards for flash memory, the need was felt to develop a smaller version for newer types of handheld GPS devices, portable media players, digital audio players, expandable USB flash drives and digital cameras. MiniSD cards offer the same features as a standard SD card, but with a size much smaller than the SD Card. MiniSD cards are typically found in many newer mobile phones with features such as built-in digital cameras, downloading and games; basically mobile phones where the MiniSD can supply to the need for higher data storage.


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