IP Storage

What Does IP Storage Mean?

IP storage (IPS) is the use of fiber channel (FC) and IP-based technology to access storage devices using TCP/IP networks. IPS is the foundation that enables storage area networks (SANs) to directly connect servers with storage.


IPS is designed to support transparency in diverse systems, working collectively in storage devices centered on small computer system interface (SCSI), fiber channel and gigabit Ethernet storage devices, which use Internet Fiber Channel Protocol (iFCP) and Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI). Transparent interoperability includes current SCSI or fiber channel modules, storage subsystems, or servers with host bus adapters. These modules can be incorporated into an IPS network without adjustment.

Techopedia Explains IP Storage

IPS is standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Working Group, a standards organization that identifies problems and opportunities in IP data networks and proposes solutions to the Internet community.

IPS can also be used in intranet or extranet and may also connect a storage area network (SAN) to remote areas.

The benefits of using IPS include:

  • Maintaining minimum disruption
  • Providing broader connectivity options
  • It is less complex than fiber channel
  • Meeting high performance standards for storage
  • Using existing network infrastructures while reducing costs
  • Allowing storage traffic to be routed over a separate network
  • Using less expensive hardware components than fiber channel
  • Having operable architecture and fewer issues than fiber channel
  • Using TCP/IP networks to connect or extend SANs universally

The IPS framework is applied through networking infrastructures linking current SCSI, fiber channel and other devices with gigabit Ethernet support networks. The end components can be used as storage devices or servers on all current storage structures within the ISP and, for direct integration, with the gigabit Ethernet network.


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