What Does Zettaflop Mean?

A zettaflop (ZFlop) is a unit of measurement for computer processing power. It refers to the floating point operations per second (FLOPS) capacity of a processor, where one ZFlop represents 1021 FLOPS.


Techopedia Explains Zettaflop

Zettaflop is a theoretical processing speed that some believe may be achieved by supercomputers. Currently, there is not a single computer/processor that can do a ZFlop calculation, but the belief in its future existence is based on Moore’s Law. If this law holds true, a computer with this level of processing power should exist by 2030.

Computer design professionals and analysts believe that to reach zettaflop computation in computers/processors, on-chip photonic communication and memristor memory techniques must be implemented within their design. Moreover, to operate, zettaflop processors/computers will require approximately 400 watts of power.


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