NOR Gate

What Does NOR Gate Mean?

A NOR gate is a type of logic gate that works on the principle of “neither this nor that.” This type of digital logic gate produces a high output only if two binary results are satisfied by a zero or low input.


Techopedia Explains NOR Gate

Logic gates use binary operators to deliver specific results to a circuit board system. The NOR operator is seen as the “negation” of the OR operator. In other words, where an OR operator provides a high or affirmative result for the positive indication of one or the other input, the NOR operator does the opposite — when either one of the positive binaries is present, it returns a low or negative result. It only returns a high or positive value in the absence of both input operators.

The NOR gate is represented by various symbols in American and European design charts. It is used in conjunction with other logical gates such as AND, OR, XOR and NAND. Specifically, the NOR and NAND logic gates are seen as the “primary” logic gates because these two can be used to produce the results of the other logic gates such as OR and XOR.


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