Borland Quattro

What Does Borland Quattro Mean?

Borland Quattro (BORQU) is an electronic spreadsheet program developed by Borland in 1988. It is a DOS program, originally written using Turbo C and assembly language by Lajos Frank, Adam Bosworth and Chuck Batterman. The program gained immense popularity and praise due to its superior graphics on DOS.


Techopedia Explains Borland Quattro

Borland Quattro, compared to Excel, had a number of advantages to its credit. It offered more rows and columns – while Microsoft Excel offered 65,536 rows by 256 columns prior to 2007, Quattro offered one million rows by 18,276 columns, and hence higher data accommodation capability.

At the time of its release, the top spreadsheet program on the market was Lotus 1-2-3. The name “Quattro” was chosen because it is Italian for “four” – with the implication that this software’s capabilities go beyond that of Lotus 1-2-3.

The followup to Quattro, Quattro Pro, was released in 1989.


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