Computer-Based Learning

What Does Computer-Based Learning Mean?

Computer-based learning (CBL) is the term used for any kind of learning with the help of computers. Computer-based learning makes use of the interactive elements of the computer applications and software and the ability to present any type of media to the users. Computer-based learning has many benefits, including the advantage of users learning at their own pace and also learning without the need for an instructor to be physically present.


Computer-based learning is also known as computer-aided instruction.

Techopedia Explains Computer-Based Learning

The computer-based learning model can be used by a myriad of learning programs across the world. It can also be combined with traditional teaching methods to enhance the overall educational and training experience. As far as organizations are concerned, computer-based learning could help in training employees in a more effective and profound manner. Individual courses can be imparted in a cost-effective manner to learners.

Computer-based learning is mainly used in:

  • Knowledge-based training and assessment
  • Simulation-based learning and training
  • Creative and instructional games
  • Problem-solving training

There are many advantages associated with computer-based learning. It provides more learning opportunity for people from disadvantaged environments. People can learn at a pace comfortable for them, unlike in a traditional classroom. Users need to spend only the required time to learn the subject in the case of computer-based learning, and it is also available all the time. Computer-based learning is cost effective in many ways, as it reduces travel time and also the same application can be used to teach new students or users. The learning also offers safety and flexibility as well as helps learners to track their progress. Another big advantage is in the reduction of overall training time.

There are, however, some drawbacks associated with computer-based learning. Students do not have the opportunity for physical interaction with the instructors. Development of computer-based learning can be time consuming. The software or the hardware required for learning can be expensive. Furthermore, not all subjects or fields can be supported or assisted by computer-based learning.


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