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Storage Networking

What Does Storage Networking Mean?

Storage networking is the collective processes of interconnecting external storage resources and devices over a network to all connected computers/nodes. Storage networking makes it possible to share one or more storage resources on a network in an IT environment, where a single storage server can be used to provide storage capacity to multiple users simultaneously.


Techopedia Explains Storage Networking

Storage networking is primarily implemented within enterprise IT environments and data centers. It provides redundant and scalable access of storage capacity to computers, servers and other end devices on a shared network. The storage device attached to the network can be a simple storage server with multiple disks or a massive pool of redundant storage arrays. Depending on the capability of the storage media, they can serve thousands of users, providing data storage and retrieval queries over the network. Storage area networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS) , fiber channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and redundant array on independent disks (RAID) are some of the forms of storage networking.


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