Storage over Internet Protocol

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What Does Storage over Internet Protocol Mean?

Storage over Internet Protocol (SoIP) is a technology framework that uses Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks to link servers and storage devices and facilitate storage solution deployment.


By combining the best storage and networking industry approaches, SoIP provides high-performance and scalable IP storage solutions.

Techopedia Explains Storage over Internet Protocol

Storage area networks (SAN) are critical to network infrastructure, especially because of rapid IP and Ethernet growth. SoIP and storage networks, which are highly compatible, facilitate local storage routing over separate networks that are built with the same IP technology.

A variety of products are used for SoIP implementation, including Fiber Channel over IP (FCIP), Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and Ethernet-based networks. SoIP products facilitate the transparent use of established IP storage applications.

The following are SoIP benefits:

  • Simple configuration and management
  • Easy SoIP product integration with established storage network technologies
  • Rapid solution deployment
  • Improved access to business-critical applications
  • Product compatibility with most OSs and applications – without modification
  • Elimination of costly dedicated hardware requirements in favor of existing and cost-effective hardware
  • Effective implementation, which significantly reduces storage management costs

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