Character to Hexadecimal

What Does Character to Hexadecimal Mean?

Character to hexadecimal (C2X) is a conversion of values from character values or strings to an equivalent hexadecimal value, with the character usually encoded in ASCII.


An ASCII character has a representation in hexadecimal, decimal and octal, which have the same value as they do in the corresponding number system.

Techopedia Explains Character to Hexadecimal

Character to hexadecimal is not actual conversion but simple representation of the corresponding character. This is because a computer can only understand numbers, so characters have to be represented as numbers. In turn, numbers can be converted into other representations in other number systems.

For example, the decimal code for the ASCII character % is 37 in decimal, so its equivalent Hexadecimal value is 25 and its octal value is 045.


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