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Database Manager

What Does Database Manager Mean?

A database manager (DB manager) is a computer program, or a set of computer programs, that provide basic database management functionalities including creation and maintenance of databases. Database managers have several capabilities including the ability to back up and restore, attach and detach, create, clone, delete and rename the databases.

Techopedia Explains Database Manager

Database managers are used to manage local and remote databases. They discover databases based on the Web server and provide the ability to connect to any of the databases residing in the network. They provide a handful of administrative functionalities such as managing tables, views and stored procedures, as well as run ad hoc queries.

DB managers connect to the database and display information from catalogs that are part of a database. DB managers can have a set of command-line parameters, which allow them to initiate features and functions external to the graphical user interface.


DB managers allow database administrators to define new patches for databases or to easily apply new patches that come from vendors, thus updating databases with enhancements and keeping them secure.


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