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Dial Other Internet Providers

What Does Dial Other Internet Providers Mean?

Dial other Internet service provider (DOIP) is an Internet connectivity utility that enabled users to set, configure and manage multiple dial-up Internet connections on a computer. It was a native component of the IBM O/S 2 Warp and part of the Internet access kit (IAK) software utilities.


Techopedia Explains Dial Other Internet Providers

DOIP works like a standard Internet connection utility found in all IBM OS/2 version 3.0 (Warp) systems and above. It requires users to provide a series of connection details and login credentials before creating and dialing an account. Each unique dialup entry has four different layers of configuration including login info, connection info, server info and modem info. Most of the information required by DOIP was provided by the ISP to the user upon account signup. Users were able to configure multiple dialup accounts and a unique mail server associated with each account.


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