Enterprise Certified Netware Engineer

What Does Enterprise Certified Netware Engineer Mean?

Enterprise Certified Netware Engineer (ECNE) is a certification that verifies demonstrated proficiency with the Novell Netware product and the ability to provide wide area networking for clients. The comprehensive Master Certified Novell Engineer (MCNE) qualification has largely replaced the ECNE certification.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Certified Netware Engineer

ECNE and other certifications are based on proper use of Novell technologies. Known for pioneering server technology in the 1980s, Novell is a tech company known for acquiring rights to the Unix operating system and developing various Linux-related products.

In general, the ECNE and related certifications vouch for an individual’s knowledge of Netware and similar technologies. The MCNE requires a preliminary Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) certification. In CNE/MCNE certifications, use of the Netware and Novell terms is confusing in that the more inclusive Novell designation now used more often.


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