Mailing List Manager

What Does Mailing List Manager Mean?

A mailing list manager (MLM) is a utility available in most email applications where a user can make groups and lists of email addresses according to the type of contact. An MLM helps in sending and replying to or forwarding emails for certain groups such as work, family or just general-purpose use.


A mailing list manager is also known as a distribution list manager.

Techopedia Explains Mailing List Manager

A mailing list manager, as the name suggests, helps in the management of email addresses stored within a certain group. An MLM makes it easier for the user to reply or mark the priority of certain emails. It can also help in sending specific information emails to a certain circle of people using the manager to aid in the ease of mailing. The user does not need to type and select each individual email address, but can select the list instead. Every contact present in the list is sent that email and their replies remain in that thread or a different tab, depending on the configuration settings.


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