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What Does Microsoft Exchange Server Mean?

Microsoft Exchange Server (MXS) is a collaborative enterprise server application designed by Microsoft to run on Windows Servers. MXS supports:

  • Email
  • Contacts and tasks
  • Calendar
  • Web-based and mobile information access
  • Data storage

Techopedia Explains Microsoft Exchange Server

In the 1990s, email evolved into a business-critical application, leading to the development of user-friendly enterprise solutions with improved features and connectivity. The most current version, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, allows a user to deliver email, contacts and calendar to a PC, mobile device or browser.

MXS features include:

  • Outlook Web App: Helps users access voicemail, email, SMS texts, instant messaging (IM) and more via standard browsers
  • Exchange ActiveSync: Allows mobile users to access a universal inbox with voicemail, email, IM and smartphone messages
  • Retention, Discovery and Email Archiving: Help reduce expenditures and simplify the maintenance of business communication processes
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Features a unified solution for disaster recovery and backup by offering an automatic, quick, database-level recovery from server, database and network failures.
  • Deployment Flexibility: Can be deployed in the cloud, on premise or both
  • Sensitive Content Monitoring: Can be used to track sensitive email content and prevent illegal content distribution
  • Voicemail: Provides users with single inbox access to email and voicemail, both of which can be managed from a single platform
  • Advanced Protection: Employs several integrated encryption and anti-spam technologies and sophisticated anti-virus solutions.
  • Always-On: Facilitates quicker failover times and multiple volume support, as well as a monitoring system that enables automated failure recovery
  • Exchange Administration Center: Allows administrators to delegate server permissions and access based on job function without granting total access to the management interface

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