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Netware Core Protocol (NCP)

Last updated: November 1, 2012

What Does Netware Core Protocol (NCP) Mean?

NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) is a Novell client-server protocol for local area networks (LAN). It is usually connected to NetWare operating systems (OS) but also works with alternate operating systems, including UNIX, Linux and Windows NT.


Techopedia Explains Netware Core Protocol (NCP)

NCP uses Internet Protocol (IP) or Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) and manages multiple network functions, such as file/print-sharing, clock synchronization, remote processing and messaging.

The following are server-side NCP formats:

  • Novell: Open Enterprise Server
  • Novell: NetWare
  • Mars_nwe: Open-source NetWare 3.x emulator for Linux
  • Microsoft: File and Print Services for NetWare

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