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Dynamic URL

What Does Dynamic URL Mean?

A dynamic URL is a URL returned through the query of a database-driven website or the URL of a website running some processing script. Dynamic URLs are different from static URLs. The content on the Web page of static URLs does not change unless the Web programmer changes the page HTML code. The content of a Web page with a dynamic URL is generated from automated queries to the website’s database. The page is technically a database template displaying the results coming from the database query. A website with a dynamic URL has an associated database, which fills in most of the website content.


Techopedia Explains Dynamic URL

The parameters of a URL can be entered manually by the user in the URL space itself, or they may be automatically obtained through an automatic query. The query parameters are not necessarily entered by users. For instance, some websites can identify your location from the IP address associated with your PC. It will send the address information to the database, which can automatically offer the language that is most appropriate for your location. You can easily identify a dynamic URL through the presence of special characters or character strings. The following is a simple example for such a special characters string: & $ + = ? % cgi.

A dynamic URL is convenient. Changing the website appearance is automated and does not require changing information in the Web page’s HTML code. Instead, data is changed in the website’s associated database.


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