Object-Oriented Database Management System

What Does Object-Oriented Database Management System Mean?

An object-oriented database management system (OODBMS) is a database management system that supports the creation and modeling of data as objects. OODBMS also includes support for classes of objects and the inheritance of class properties, and incorporates methods, subclasses and their objects. Most of the object databases also offer some kind of query language, permitting objects to be found through a declarative programming approach.


Also called an object database management system (ODMS).

Techopedia Explains Object-Oriented Database Management System

An object-oriented database management system represents information in the form of objects as used in object-oriented programming. OODBMS allows object-oriented programmers to develop products, store them as objects and replicate or modify existing objects to produce new ones within OODBMS. OODBMS allows programmers to enjoy the consistency that comes with one programming environment because the database is integrated with the programming language and uses the same representation model. Certain object-oriented databases are designed to work with object-oriented programming languages such as Delphi, Python, Java, Perl, Objective C and Visual Basic .NET.


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