Object-Oriented User Interface

What Does Object-Oriented User Interface Mean?

An object-oriented user interface (OOUI) is a specific type of software interface where users act on specific objects for specific properties. It is based on the idea of object-oriented programming used in modern computing. An OOUI is used as an alternative to other types of interfaces, such as function-oriented interfaces.


Techopedia Explains Object-Oriented User Interface

In defining the OOUI, it is necessary to evaluate what the tools are through which the user interacts with the interface. One good example of an OOUI is a painting application where a user selects certain types of objects such as circles, lines and brushes, each with its own spatial and control properties. In the business world, these “objects” might consist of elements of the business flow, such as tasks, processes or projects.

Although OOUI is based on the idea of object-oriented programming, it is different from object-oriented programming. The test of an OOUI is whether users access particular objects to work within the interface and whether these objects in themselves provide a coherent platform.


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