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Remote File Sharing (RFS)

What Does Remote File Sharing (RFS) Mean?

Remote file sharing (RFS) is a type of distributed file system technology that enables file and/or data access to multiple remote users over the Internet or a network connection. It was developed in 1980 by AT&T and first released with UNIX System version V (five).

RFS is also known as a general process of providing remote user access to locally stored files and/or data.


Techopedia Explains Remote File Sharing (RFS)

RFS works as a typical distributed file system, where local hosts access files and data stored on a network storage device or the RFS server. RFS works on any network protocol or an underlying network's base communication protocol. It is only used on UNIX based computers, systems and network stacks/protocols.

The entire file sharing operation is maintained by the RFS server, which also tracks file-level detail, such as the number of times a file is accessed, modified and locked.


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