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What Does Report Program Generator Mean?

Report program generator (RPG) is a high-level programming language used for business applications and included in the IBM Power i platform. RPG was initially created in the 1960s as a report-writing tool on card-input IBM mainframes. Later, it evolved into a high-level language of the same type as IBM’s Common Business-Oriented Language (COBOL) and Programming Language I (PL/I).


Techopedia Explains Report Program Generator

The RPG programming language was initially introduced by IBM and was used extensively for its proprietary 1401, /360, /3, /32, /34, /36, /38 AS/400 and System i systems, although it was implemented by several other companies as well.

RPG is a fixed-format programming language. The code must be placed in the exact column locations to generate correct results. Alhough IBM introduced and vends RPG, the language can also be obtained from other microcomputer and mainframe manufacturers such as Unisys. Windows .Net is the present platform, receiving RPG through the WINRPG compiler. RPG II applications work under the IBM zVSE OS, HP MPE OS on HP3000 and the OpenVMS OS on VAX and Alpha.


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