Telecommunications Industry Association

What Does Telecommunications Industry Association Mean?

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is a trade association which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in order to develop industry standards for information and communication technologies (ICT) products such as cellular towers, data terminals, VoIP devices, satellites, telephone terminal equipment and many more.


TIA has members from all over the industry and currently represents nearly 400 different companies.

Techopedia Explains Telecommunications Industry Association

TIA represents global information and communications technology industries through developing standards, government affairs, market intelligence, business opportunities, world-wide regulatory compliance as well as certification.

TIA aims to enhance the business environment for the organizations involved in broadband, telecommunications, information technology, mobile wireless technology, cabling and satellite, networking, unified and emergency communications, and further "greenifying" of technology.

It has more than 600 active member participants from service providers, equipment manufacturers, academic institutions, government agencies and end-users which are divided among the twelve engineering committees of TIA’s Standards and Technology Department.

Engineering Committees:

  • Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards
  • Point-to-Point Communications Systems
  • Multimedia Access, Protocols and Interfaces
  • Satellite Equipment and Systems
  • User Premises Telecommunications Requirements
  • Telecommunications Cabling Systems
  • Mobile and Personal Communications Systems Standards
  • Terrestrial Mobile Multimedia Multicast
  • Vehicular Telematics
  • Healthcare ICT
  • M2M-Smart Device Communications
  • Smart Utility Networks

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