Electronic Publishing

What Does Electronic Publishing Mean?

Electronic publishing refers to the many different ways that publishers or others can publish books, articles or other types of literature as digital content.


Techopedia Explains Electronic Publishing

Electronic publishing can be done in many ways. There are now standard conventions for e-book publishing, where digital versions of authored books are distributed through proprietary e-reader designs like the Amazon Kindle or other designs by Barnes & Noble, Sony and others. There are also a range of digital magazines and publications available over the Internet or web-published to computers or mobile devices.

Electronic publishing is a term that can be confused with desktop publishing. Desktop publishing is much more of a term for the technique of creating and designing materials in a digital workspace. Electronic publishing is simply the new arm of the publishing world where literature is published, not in print form with physical pages, but in a digital form where it must be accessed in specific ways. The quickly emerging world of electronic publishing has brought its own payment models, consumer markets and professional roles, but the big controversy is whether electronic publishing will fully eclipse print publishing, or whether the two will continue to contend for readers.


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