What Does Imagesetter Mean?

An imagesetter is a device used to transfer images or rich text onto sheets, cards, glossy surfaces and films. It is essentially a very expensive high-definition and high-resolution printer that is available in a number of sizes depending on the type of task to be performed. Imagesetters are usually used in industry, where high quality of the printed image is of importance.


Techopedia Explains Imagesetter

An imagesetter is an ultra-high-resolution large-format computer output device, able to produce quality surpassing that of a typical home or office printer. The resolution of a home printer is generally up to 300 dots per inch (dpi), with an office printer having 600 dpi, whereas the dpi of an imagesetter is 1270, 2540 or up to 4000 dpi depending on the type. The color images by an imagesetter are high resolution because they are created by printing the same image four times upon each other, that is, once each in cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK).


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