What Does Globalization Mean?

Globalization is a term used to refer to the gradual process of international integration stemming from the exchange of ideas, views, products, services, and other aspects of culture. This term describes the interaction of macro-social forces across the globe, which includes economics, religion and politics. Many people believe that technologies such as television, the Internet and social media have increased the pace at which globalization is occurring.


Techopedia Explains Globalization

Globalization is nothing new. It began occurring as soon as people began travelling long distances and sharing ideas, mingling cultures and trading goods. As technology has improved, this communication between cultures has accelrated and become more frequent. As a result, different groups of people become more alike than they were when they were disparate groups with no way to interact with each other. Technology has also created a more globalized economy by creating more work that can be completed anywhwere there is a computer and Internet connection.


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