Multimedia Home Platform

What Does Multimedia Home Platform Mean?

Multimedia Home Platform (MHP or DVB-MHP) is an open standard for interactive digital TV (ITV) designed by the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Project. DVB-MHP applications are available in two packages: DVB-HTML and DVB-Java (DVB-J).


DVB-MHP is used to ensure interactivity between ITV applications and audio/video streams over a broadcast channel. Applications include information services, games, email, Short Message Service (SMS) messaging and shopping. Fully-implemented DVB-MHP systems allow users to browse the Web, watch TV, play games and shop online.

Techopedia Explains Multimedia Home Platform

DVB-MHP uses an additional return channel with Internet protocol support, which provides advanced interactive and multipurpose communication network features for high-definition TV (HDTV) users. DVB-MHP service package levels are provided via the Internet, enhanced broadcasts or interactive broadcasts. DVB-MHP transmission media are cable, fiber optic and satellite.

MHP provides the a number of advantages for multimedia professionals, including:

  • Represents an open standard for multiple suppliers at all value chain levels
  • Supports all ITV content, except text and graphics
  • Compatible with conditional access and digital rights management (DRM) systems
  • May be used in conjunction with all transmission system specifications

In 1999, the first DVB-MHP broadcast was demonstrated at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin. In 2000, the first DVB-MHP standard version was published by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI). In 2002, the DVB-MHP service was launched in Finland at the DVB Telecommunications (DVB-T) platform.


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