Microsoft Developer Network

What Does Microsoft Developer Network Mean?

The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) refers to a part of Microsoft Corporation dedicated to and especially created for developers and testers. Both hardware and software developer toolkits, manuals, discussion forums, blogs and related help and guide material are available on the website. Interested developers and testers can also subscribe to regular newsletters to stay updated on the latest updates, versions and toolkits.


Techopedia Explains Microsoft Developer Network

The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) was introduced in 1992 in the form of technical articles and support material for developers and users. The compilation was in the form a CD-ROM which included technical articles, sample code and software development kits. The next version, MSDN2, was launched in November 2004 as a part of Virtual Studio 2005. The updated version included a website upgrade so it could be accessed via a common Web browser. The update mainly pertained to Visual Studio 2005 API information, tips and guidelines, and it improved Web user experience.

In 2008, MSDN2 was declared obsolete and it became


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