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Packet Monkey

What Does Packet Monkey Mean?

A packet monkey in the parlance of IT is someone who sends a large volume of packets to a network in order to create a denial of service attack. Many consider these individuals to be relatively unskilled hackers who just use premade code to attack systems.


Techopedia Explains Packet Monkey

Although the term packet monkey can be used in a more general sense, it is often used to talk about malicious hackers sending large numbers of packets in order to disrupt system traffic. These relatively inexperienced hackers are contrasted to other professional hackers who use their own code, and infiltrate systems for more sophisticated purposes than denial of service attacks, for instance, where they do not leave a trace of their intrusion, or steal valuable data. In addition, someone may use the term “packet monkey” to talk about analysts who are observing packet traffic and packet contents.


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