What Does Piezoelectricity Mean?

Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain materials when mechanical force or stress is applied to them. It is used in a number of different engineering, manufacturing, telecommunication and computer systems that capture mechanically induced energy and transform it into electric power.


Techopedia Explains Piezoelectricity

Piezoelectricity is primarily used as input for certain components such as actuators, sensors and oscillators. It is used to detect voltages, sound waves, electronic frequency, pressure and mechanical movements. The aforementioned components use the electric charge generated from a piezoelectric material for certain processes or functions. For example, a crystal oscillator uses piezoelectricity to deliver stable clock signals to the integrated circuits in computers and cellphones. Piezoelectricity is also commonly used in certain devices such as piezometers, piezoelectric accelerometers and other similar devices.


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